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by Jim Carbone, ECS Energy Limited 04/17/2023

Great course.

by Christopher Maingot 04/13/2023

Very well taught course by two extremely knowledgeable people in the field!

by Jimmy Smith 02/10/2023

Sean and Bill are great instructors. I wish I had taken this course three years ago before I had taken my test. Thanks to Seans book I passed!

by brian cullen, Principal, CAM Solar 02/02/2023

All you need to know to install solar and get licensed to do it.

by Dan Henderson, Commercial Solar Consultant, Michigan Solar Solutions 01/02/2023

This course put together by Sean White and Heatspring is invaluable. I took the course and went from being a "new guy" at work to being viewed as an expert. If you are serious about the PV industry - education is the path to success. Cheers to many sunny days ahead!

by Jesse Mills, Field Service Technician, Tesla Energy 12/08/2022

Sean and Bill are great. They do a good job of being easy to follow through dense material. It was so convenient to be able to do one program that fulfilled all my courses requirements.

by Donald Stauffer 11/28/2022

Great job on making this fun and educational at the same time.

by Justin McComas, Area Superintendent , INTERMOUNTAIN ELECTRIC, INC. 10/17/2022

For the purpose of CEU's this course was great. It is also setup very nicely for prospective personnel looking to obtain licensing through NABCEP. I am a 26 year electrician also and the NEC content was spot on and easy to understand. I would recommend this course for anyone obtaining CEU's and looking to sit for the PVIP exam.

by Moses Zhou 06/16/2022

It was an honor to take a course with the greatest snowboarder of all time

by Stanley Popek, Owner, Solar Star LLC DBA Vegas Solar 05/30/2022

The information was very valuable for the NABCEP criteria

by Simon Limon, Owner, Electric Integrations 05/11/2022

The instructor was actually very funny and kept me watching the whole time.

by Gary Rochlin, President, Blue Sky Energy 04/23/2022

It is always great to get refreshed on the technical aspect of this industry. The couse succeeds at that in a big way.

by Jonathan Golebiewski 04/23/2022

Sean did a great job and I was able to gain a ton of new information.

by Talon Montoya, Account Manager, Longhorn Solar 04/20/2022

I work around other solar professionals and whenever they would see or hear the content I was learning or I would share my thoughts experience, they would literally verbalize their admiration and jealousy that they did not get to take this course as their NABCEP prep

by Terry Parker, Director of Field Operations, Fusion Power / Vector Energy 04/17/2022

I've been learning from Sean White for about 6 years now. He's a really good teacher, and I would (and do) recommend his videos to anyone who wants to advance their knowledge in the solar field.

by Clayton Hanks, President, C.H. Electrical 04/13/2022

The HeatSprings course is one of the best! Sean White and Bill Brooks teach the correct information for passing the NABCEP exam!

by Timothy J Zinniel, President/CEO, Zinniel Electric Co. 03/31/2022

I would recommend this course to snyone who wants a jump-start in their PV career!

by Ezra Jones, Project Manager, ESS LLC 03/25/2022

Sean's program is very informative and he makes learning allot of concepts and details fun.

by Vincent B 07/12/2022

by Jason W 04/19/2022

by Rex G 04/06/2022

by Rald D 03/26/2022

by Joseph T 03/12/2022

by John A 03/07/2022

by Lyanne V 03/01/2022

by John C 02/25/2022

by Chris Y 02/23/2022


You can never assume you know this stuff. Remembering what I once knew and seeing it in the totally of the NEC, IRC, IFC and all the rest. The course was a reminder to stay humble and interested in what is, what isn't and what will be in the solar and storage industry. Happy to see movement away form MLEs!

by Robert Reynolds 08/21/2023

Found the course helpful and feel much better prepared to sit for the NABCEP certification exam.

by Daniel Sammon, Sales Rep/Estimator, Douglass Colony 08/09/2023

What a great course! Sean White delivers some great introductory knowledge for solar professionals that want to take the next step in their careers or for anyone interested in learning more about PV solar. 11/10!

by Jarrod Starr, Solar Business Development Manager, Third Sun Kokosing Solar 07/12/2023

NABCEP certification is a sure fire way to demonstrate your expertise and credibility in the growing solar energy field. Heatspring courses are the perfect tools to help you achieve those certifications.

by Vernon Williams 06/28/2023

I would confidently walk out of the 18 hours with a much better idea of the solar industry, and be sure that I could work in the industry knowing what I have learnt is useful in the field.

by Ekofo joelandu3@yahoo.com 06/07/2023

This course was able to provide me with a lot informations that boosted my confidence and I highly recommend it For those who want to get to next level this is obligatory passage .

by Ryan Silagy 05/19/2023

This course was a fantastic resource to help deepen my understanding of PV systems. It went through the NEC, International and building codes. Great to listen to when I'm driving into work or on my way out the job site.

by Jason Gonos 05/15/2023

Sean White is awesome and his enthusiasm for solar power is unmatched!

by Jeff Nuchols, President/CEO, High Country Contracting Inc 05/14/2023

Thanks Sean.

by Aaron Nelson 05/03/2023

This is the best technical course in this field that I have encountered, and I would certainly purchase another.

by Juan Facundo 04/24/2023

I've really enjoyed the entire program. I've learned a lot. There is a lot of information, in some areas maybe too much information, but I'll know for sure after the test. It is difficult bc there is a lot of areas that we don't necessarily have to deal with anymore due to software and such. That would be my only area of pause. Other then that, I feel prepared for the test.

by Ezra K 04/19/2023

by Peter Hughes 03/22/2023

Sean is an entertaining presenter which helped keep my interest during the training. The content is great and applicable to what I do everyday. I leave this class feeling more confident in my work and having learned a few things.

by Juan Facundo 03/14/2023

I had prior experience with both selling solar and installing solar, so I wasn't sure how impactful this course would be. I was immediately impressed with the course layout and educational approach of Mr. White. I picked up a ton on the electrical side of the process and installation. I was mainly on the roof, not in the panel, so it helped a great deal. Again, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into solar.

by Phil Roth, Channel Sales 02/14/2023

I really enjoyed the course. It gave me a lot of confidence heading into my NABCEP test.

by Francisco Duran 02/13/2023

If you want to "REALLY" get into this technology, this is a great place to start!

by David Kozin, A&R Solar 02/08/2023

The videos were fun and I knew I could rely on the expertise and knowledge of both Sean and Bill.

by Joshua Gillebaard 01/16/2023

Sean White and Bill Brooks are industry experts with deep knowledge on so many aspects of PV design and code compliance. And they somehow manage to make every module interesting, even the trigonometry review module.

by Leonard Tobin, Manager, Vyvue, LLC 12/23/2022


by Devin Blacker, Solar Consultant, Granite State Solar 12/14/2022

Sean is a very knowledge person and responds quickly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge in the solar industry!

by Jim Donlan 11/12/2022

Great course, very thorough.

by Zahi Baroudi, Construction Advisor, GIZ 11/08/2022

Perfect course to acquire a solid base and technical practicality on PV systems. Great instructor with high skills in explanation.

by John Watts, Sr. Supervisor of Energy Services, EPB of Chattanooga 11/01/2022

Sean really made the calculations part of the course very easy to understand.

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