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by Devin Blacker, Solar Consultant, Granite State Solar 12/14/2022

Sean is a very knowledge person and responds quickly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge in the solar industry!

by Jim Donlan 11/12/2022

Great course, very thorough.

by Zahi Baroudi, Construction Advisor, GIZ 11/08/2022

Perfect course to acquire a solid base and technical practicality on PV systems. Great instructor with high skills in explanation.

by John Watts, Sr. Supervisor of Energy Services, EPB of Chattanooga 11/01/2022

Sean really made the calculations part of the course very easy to understand.

by Jeremy Gann, Gann Electric, Heating and Cooling 10/25/2022

I will be coming back for more quality training!

by Reme Meck, Solar Design Engineer 10/10/2022

This is the second time I've taken continuing education credits for renewing my NABCEP license, and the first time taking Sean White's Heatspring course. It has been extremely comprehensive with many deep dives on critical subjects, the depth and breadth of content covered by it is 2nd to none. I will be using Sean White's courses for my CE credits for the foreseeable future and recommend them to anyone looking to do the same.

by Mac Nelson Gonzales, Solar Design Engineer, Sunlight and Power 09/24/2022

Recommended course

by Mohamed Samura, Field Metering Engineer, Energicity dba Power Leone 09/13/2022

Before doing this course, I did not much about work safety but having gone through this course I saw the emphasis on safety and the need to apply it in every work environment. So going forward safety is one thing I will consider in every workspace

by Mohammed Mohammed, Solar & Storage Systems Engineer 08/21/2022

Sean's ability to communicate with everyone in all of his courses amazes me

by Jarrod Starr, Solar Business Development Manager, Third Sun Kokosing Solar 08/10/2022

Sean's an excellent communicator on all things solar! Whether you're looking to get a foot hold in the industry or advance your career, I highly recommend taking one of Sean's Heatspring courses! I feel more confident in my knowledge and the ability to more effectively communicate the basics of solar PV!

by Teddy Hodges, Manager, RedSun Solar LLC 08/10/2022

Thanks for taking the time

by Matt Votoupal 07/13/2022

Instructor was fun and kind. Always messaging back on discussion board posts makes it feel more like a conversation and less of a task

by Christopher Knight, Deputy Operations Manager, Synaptic Solar & Dynamic SLR 06/29/2022

This course is really a down to earth and easily navigable way to introduce and train yourself on the material for the PVTS.

by Nicole Sanches, Energy Desk Manager, Perch Energy 06/10/2022

What a great way to brush up on the NEC and solar requirements! Sean's podcast helped me pass the NABCEP the first time, and taking the course for continuing ed has been just as helpful! I know I will go back and listen to some of the materials again as I run into project work that relates.

by Jeffrey Cantin 05/08/2022

Comprehensive resource for solar, energy storage, EV and other great topics. Well worth the time.

by Christopher Knight, Deputy Operations Manager, Synaptic Solar & Dynamic SLR 04/14/2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course and believe I have expanded my knowledge base in the field of PV. Sean was very informative and interactive in the discussion boards. How he can find the time to answer questions I know he's fielded a million times in a personalized tone is beyond me and highly appreciated.

by Anthony Fernandez 04/04/2022

Great job putting this course together. Lots of very good information that gives a very broad overview of solar. I will definitely use this class as a resource while I have access to it.

by Ryon Hayman, OnSite Energy 06/02/2021

I would recommend this course to anyone in the industry trying to understand how PV works.

by George Denmark II, President, John Mills Electric, Inc. 04/29/2021

by Thomas Schoenborne, President, Advanced Renewable Technologies 04/20/2021

Sean White and Bill Brooks are two of the most talented and experienced people in the solar PV industry; their credentials and accomplishments speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend taking this course, the investment is worth every dollar and second. Like anything in life - The more you put in, the more you get out - But, there is a lot to get here... Take a deep dive into the resources and training provided and you'll be rewarded with significant knowledge and valuable skills. Sincerely, Tom Schoenborne Founder A.R.Technologies, LLC

by Adrian Guzman, Master electrician , Kayo Energy 03/28/2021

Nabcep certification and training will put you far above the rest in the Solar industry. Its improved the quality and effective production of my installs. As well as made me a better trainer/leader.

by Clara (Sam) Burnham, Owner, Burnham & Sun 12/13/2020

Taking the course at my own pace and having access to the lessons for a year are important to me.



by Brandon Bell, PV Designer, The Energy Shop, Inc. 08/12/2020

Great course! Clear and concise with real world examples.

by Tanmay Pant, Lead Back End PV Engineer, Venture Solar 07/20/2020

This course is the best way to gain the CEU's required for NABCEP exam while also gaining the required skill to pass the board exams. The topics covered are vast and extensive material is available to gain relevant experience in PV System design and code knowledge. Recommended for anyone appearing for NABCEP board exams!

by Henry LaRosa, Sales Executive, Long Island Power Solutions 02/19/2020

Took this course for my NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam and Re-cert. This course packs all the info into an easy to navigate platform. Super easy to follow along. And if you take your time with it and follow all of Sean's instructions, you are almost certain to pass the exam!

by Roman Garza 11/19/2019

Study hard!

by emmanuel baah, Wind/solar/Electrical Technician 08/14/2019

The is by far the best online NABCEP PV Professional Installation prep course. Highly recommended.

by Jason Mendenhall, Senior Project Manager, Artisun Solar 04/06/2019

Sean is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. He breaks down each questions to help you understand the basics of PV.

by cory breaux, installer, altenergy 01/19/2019

waste of money and time.

by Abdur Rahman,P.E., President , A & R Consultants.LLC 09/17/2018

This course provides me with a good understanding of solar PV Engineering and Installation. I think it was a good investment to take this course. This course helped me to pass the NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional exam on the first try.

by James Freasier, President/CEO, F&W Electrical 12/26/2017

I really liked Dr. White's approach to teaching the different and difficult technical issues encounter in the design, installation and maintenance on a PV system.

by Eric Lichtenheld, Owner, Intelligent Solutions LLC 10/21/2017

I took the NABCEP PV Installer exam this morning and did not feel that it was as difficult as I remembered the NABCEP entry level exam to be. But I did not have the benefit of Sean's teaching back then. No matter what my score on the exam today, I am sure that it will be at least 30 points higher for having taken this course! Thanks Sean!

by Carola Voelker, Director of Projects, Centroplan USA LLC 10/09/2017

The course was very helpful for me. It freshed up the rather dry and sometimes boring/ difficult topics of the NEC.

by Gary Gonzales, Owner, Renergy Solar, LLC 08/11/2017

To Whom It May Concern: I searched for online educational options after I committed to study for the NABCEP Professional Installers Certification Exam. I studied daily for 3 months; ie, including weekends. Admittedly, there were multiple instances of frustration and feelings of hopelessness. When you experience, and you will, just persevere. I suspect frustration is normal when trying to learn something new and technical such as solar. My preparation consisted of meticulously reviewing and re-reviewing each of Sean's videos; including completing each practice problem multiple times. I also changed the variables in the problems and solved them for practice. Sean's approach to presenting the content was key in my exam preparation. I found it beneficial extrapolating concepts in his videos and applying them in potential 'real life' circumstances. In addition, Sean's availability and responsiveness was extremely beneficial. He responses were consistently timely and thorough - he is a very valuable resource. Together with Sean's involvement/support and the content of the course, I was well prepared for the exam. Having access to valuable tools (eg, Sean's course) alone will not get the job done. You must commit to put in the necessary time and effort. Though I have a few degrees in science and business, the exam proved to be one of the most challenging I have yet to encounter. Though I passed the exam upon my first attempt, I walked out of the session not really knowing how I did (I guess that, too, is normal). In closing, I highly recommend Sean's course to anyone who is serious about passing the exam. Good luck!

by Richard Stuart, SolarMan 04/21/2017

I normally don't do well with online courses, I like being in a classroom better, but this was the best online course I've taken, Sean really knows his stuff.

by Josh Gray, Project Manager, Solar Energy Systems 02/02/2017

Sean White is an awesome teacher! His teaching methods are interesting, engaging, fun, informative, and super helpful. I love his down to earth personality and approach, and how he goes step by step through the process. It's a great walk-through for learning how to navigate through the code book - which is a great real world simulation for the exam conditions. Also, I love the handy-dandy calculator short cuts as well as thinking about things such as the test room and state of mind, etc. Plus his sense of humor is an added benefit. I will keep drilling and reviewing the videos and materials, but I feel like I am really ready already. I would highly highly recommend this for anyone planning to sit for the NABCEP exam. In fact, I've been telling some of my coworkers about how great this course is already. Thanks!

by Joss Jaffe 10/23/2016

I felt very well prepared for the NABCEP Installer Exam after taking this course. The test covers so much material that it is difficult to create a course that touches on everything you may be tested on. This course seems to do that about as well as is possible given the scope and difficulty of the test. Recommended.

by Ken Stewart, President, Easley Electric Inc. 10/21/2016

Come back to me in 6 weeks, after I find out whether I passed the exam tomorrow (10/22/16)! LOL

by Mike Veeder, President, Kooltemp Heating & Cooling 09/08/2016

Sean's course is a must before the NABCEP test!!!

by Suzanne Csejtey, President, Design Energy 04/25/2016

Sorry, I really did but I'm too shy

by Art Krebs, CEO, Krebs Ventures LLC dba Construction Art 04/13/2016

The Heatspring NABCEP Installation Professional Exam prep course was very effective and instructional to me. It provides a vast amount of information and practical exercises in a comfortable and entertaining fashion. Highly recommended.

by Ian Huddleston, Owner, Greene Tech Renewable Energy LLC 03/07/2016

Want to pass the NABCEP? Go with Heatspring and Dr. Sean White- you'll walk in to the exam room feeling fully prepared!

by Gleeson Roach, Operations Manager, Williams everGreen Ltd. 11/03/2015

This course helped to improve my confidence of passing the NABCEP exam. Sean White's book is a great book to study with for anyone preparing to take the NABCEP exam of working in the PV industry.

by Kenneth Wells, Construction Supervisor, Sunrun Installation Inc. 10/07/2015

This course is certainly a milestone to passing the Nabcep, I feel like I've already passed the test after doing the practice test with Sean White. He does a great job of presenting you with the Material in a simplified way that takes the guessing work out of what you are going to face when taking the Nabcep. I look forward to continuing my education with the Heatspring team. They are very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

by Andre Pinheiro, Thecnical Manager, Williams Solar 07/29/2015

Thanks for the amazing course given! I truly have learned a lot and It was able to surpass my expectations towards the NABCEP preparation course I was looking to have. I not only pass the hard NABCEP exam on my first try thanks to the content of this course, but I also have built a priceless amount of knowledge within the Photovoltaic Field that I will carry within me for life. Thanks again!

by William H 12/08/2023

by Carlos S 12/06/2023

by William S 12/05/2023

by Wesley C 12/01/2023

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