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by Carlos S 12/06/2023

by William S 12/05/2023

by Jesse G 12/02/2023

by Ryan D 12/01/2023

by Brandon B 11/28/2023

by Jonathan M 11/27/2023

by Barbara H 11/25/2023

by David L 11/21/2023

by Kathleen B 11/20/2023

by Garret Little, Project Manager, Sunbridge Solar 11/14/2023

I absolutely love the way Sean does his lectures. The funny explanations and side notes are great. If all college/other courses were the same way, it would be soooo much easier to stay engaged!

by Andrew B 11/14/2023

by Richard L 11/08/2023

by Jake S 11/08/2023

by Desta R 11/06/2023

by Jayden B 11/04/2023

by Dalton D 11/01/2023

by Taylor M 10/29/2023

by Louis H 10/24/2023

by Robert D 10/24/2023

by Robert David Dwyer 10/23/2023

This was a great course and I will be taking more of Sean's classes very consistently as I move through the industry.

by Ryan F 10/21/2023

by Julian W 10/16/2023

by Jason N 10/16/2023

by Christopher Rollitt 10/12/2023

Did this course. Passed the PVTS exam first time!

by Noah H 10/08/2023

by Dave R 10/04/2023

by Jason N 09/29/2023

by Andrew Z 09/25/2023

by Kelly C 09/25/2023

by Philip K 09/24/2023

by Bryson M 09/24/2023

by Ben S 09/21/2023

by Daniel M 09/21/2023

by Brandon W 09/19/2023

by Jason N 09/13/2023

by Tyler T 09/11/2023

by lee m 09/02/2023

by Dan W 08/28/2023

by Joan S 08/26/2023

by Jason Raybin 08/26/2023

I highly recommend this course to get an introduction into energy storage for those who are trying to obtain more knowledge or join this industry.

by Matt A 08/23/2023

by Roxanne R 08/18/2023

by Mark Y 08/15/2023

by Jeffrey E 08/11/2023

by Christian R 08/10/2023

by Daniel Sammon, Sales Rep/Estimator, Douglass Colony 08/09/2023

What a great course! Sean White delivers some great introductory knowledge for solar professionals that want to take the next step in their careers or for anyone interested in learning more about PV solar. 11/10!

by Kristen S 08/08/2023

by TJ M 08/04/2023

by Ryder W 08/03/2023

by Aaron B 07/29/2023

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