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by Douglas Lomont, Business Development, HSI Solar, LLC 06/01/2023

If you hoping to gain an understanding of what it means to have a PVTS certification, this course will guide streamlines the complex and advance into easier to understand information. This teaches you not how to sell, but how to consult and work with your customers, which is far more valuable.

by Jacob Lopez, Sales, West Texas Solar 05/12/2023

If you are new or plan on doing commercial solar, Tim's class is a must. It has me motivated because I actually have a starting point along with information on how to go about it next. I can tell he is full of knowledge and an excellent resource when it comes to commercial solar questions. I hope anyone who takes this course gets as much out of it as I have. I will most definitely be recommending this course.

by Rashaad El 04/30/2023

Any student interested in pursuing Commercial Solar Sales, this would be one of the courses I would recommend hands down Thanks Construction Group

by Dan Henderson, Commercial Solar Consultant, Michigan Solar Solutions 01/02/2023

This course put together by Sean White and Heatspring is invaluable. I took the course and went from being a "new guy" at work to being viewed as an expert. If you are serious about the PV industry - education is the path to success. Cheers to many sunny days ahead!

by Theothoros Giannakouros 12/07/2022

Sean White is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend his courses.

by David Garganese, Owner, Response Electrical Services 10/25/2022

I always go to Heatspring for renewable education. These guys know it better than anyone!

by Andrew Holmstrom, C&I Solar Energy, Arch Solar 10/10/2022

I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to get a flavor for how far things have come, as well as how far they will go. Very applicable to real life, and will be used regularly!

by Travis White, Accounts Manager , PowerSecure Inc. 08/23/2022

The instructor has a way to keep you awake and makes a complicated topic interesting.

by Moses Zhou 06/16/2022

It was an honor to take a course with the greatest snowboarder of all time

by Chris Connelly, Owner/President, Solar Bear Energy 05/19/2022

I have taken a number of Sean White's courses, and they have all been excellent. He is able to break down the complexities of the subject matter into terms that are easy to comprehend. Great Trainer!

by Jonathan Golebiewski 04/23/2022

Sean did a great job and I was able to gain a ton of new information.

by Talon Montoya, Account Manager, Longhorn Solar 04/20/2022

I work around other solar professionals and whenever they would see or hear the content I was learning or I would share my thoughts experience, they would literally verbalize their admiration and jealousy that they did not get to take this course as their NABCEP prep

by Ed Zinthefer, President, Arch Electric Inc 04/09/2022

This course provide me the CEU's necessary to maintain my NABCEP credentials. One of the reasons I selected this course was to gain additional industry knowledge. I was pleased with time spent and the purchase value which far exceeds other education platforms I have experienced that resulted in more of a check the box type of CEU's with little educational value. Thanks for a well written course.

by Timothy J Zinniel, President/CEO, Zinniel Electric Co. 03/31/2022

I would recommend this course to snyone who wants a jump-start in their PV career!

by Trang Donovan, Owner, Energy Shepherds 03/04/2022

A spoonful of Sean White helps the NEC go down.

by Vincent B 07/12/2022

by Shannon R 06/17/2022

by Rex G 04/06/2022

by Rald D 03/26/2022

by John A 03/07/2022

by Lyanne V 03/01/2022

by John C 02/25/2022

by MATTHEW J 02/23/2022

by Chris Y 02/23/2022

by Jason Raybin 08/26/2023

I highly recommend this course to get an introduction into energy storage for those who are trying to obtain more knowledge or join this industry.

by Daniel Sammon, Sales Rep/Estimator, Douglass Colony 08/09/2023

What a great course! Sean White delivers some great introductory knowledge for solar professionals that want to take the next step in their careers or for anyone interested in learning more about PV solar. 11/10!

by Richard Fry, Co founder, Kuubix Global, LLC 07/13/2023

If you are wondering if this course is worth the cost, it is. You will walk away from this with 100% confidence in your knowledge base. I would not have passed my NABCEP pro and inspector without the courses from Sean and Bill

by Jarrod Starr, Solar Business Development Manager, Third Sun Kokosing Solar 07/12/2023

NABCEP certification is a sure fire way to demonstrate your expertise and credibility in the growing solar energy field. Heatspring courses are the perfect tools to help you achieve those certifications.

by Vernon Williams 06/28/2023

I would confidently walk out of the 18 hours with a much better idea of the solar industry, and be sure that I could work in the industry knowing what I have learnt is useful in the field.

by Jeremy Snead, Project Manager, Lead Installer, 1 Source Solar 05/31/2023

I recommend Sean's course to anyone in the solar/energy storage field. Whether you are new or a season vet, this course will help you understand solar and energy storage at a deeper level.

by Jason Gonos 05/15/2023

Sean White is awesome and his enthusiasm for solar power is unmatched!

by Jeff Nuchols, President/CEO, High Country Contracting Inc 05/14/2023

Thanks Sean.

by Howard Aschoff 05/12/2023

This course is better served to advanced PV students that have some formal education

by Juan Facundo 04/24/2023

I've really enjoyed the entire program. I've learned a lot. There is a lot of information, in some areas maybe too much information, but I'll know for sure after the test. It is difficult bc there is a lot of areas that we don't necessarily have to deal with anymore due to software and such. That would be my only area of pause. Other then that, I feel prepared for the test.

by Jack Ailey, Co-president, Ailey Solar Electric 03/30/2023

I found this course as well as previous heatspring courses useful in obtaining and maintaining my NABCEP certification.

by Rob Ellis 03/24/2023

I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested or currently active in a commercial solar sales role.

by Juan Facundo 03/14/2023

I had prior experience with both selling solar and installing solar, so I wasn't sure how impactful this course would be. I was immediately impressed with the course layout and educational approach of Mr. White. I picked up a ton on the electrical side of the process and installation. I was mainly on the roof, not in the panel, so it helped a great deal. Again, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into solar.

by Phil Roth, Channel Sales 02/14/2023

I really enjoyed the course. It gave me a lot of confidence heading into my NABCEP test.

by Francisco Duran 02/13/2023

If you want to "REALLY" get into this technology, this is a great place to start!

by Molly McDonough 12/27/2022

This course went through all the details on selling & developing solar while being really accessible. It was so great to pick up right where you left off in the recorded videos whenever you have time. The instructor, Tim, was super knowledgeable and very thorough. He also shared some of his personal experience and explained how to apply industry standards to each of his points. Definitely learned a lot!

by Leonard Tobin, Manager, Vyvue, LLC 12/23/2022


by Bradley Heric, Account Executive, ilumen Solar 12/21/2022

Tim's course on selling and developing commercial solar projects is a magnificent resource to gain the knowledge you need to develop top quality solar projects, and close them. After taking the course, I truly feel that my arsenal of skills for growing solar in the commercial sector has grown tremendously. This course has a great range of topics that are organized in perfect order. From learning how to qualify potential projects and getting your foot in the door with decision makers, to pricing, presenting, and closing them, this course has it all!

by Devin Blacker, Solar Consultant, Granite State Solar 12/14/2022

Sean is a very knowledge person and responds quickly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge in the solar industry!

by Neal Martin, Solar Project Developer, Elcco Electric 12/02/2022

Tim's course is a great breakdown of the C&I sales & development process that I will likely be referencing frequently as a project developer. He was very open and helpful to answering all the questions I had. I highly recommend the course, and more specifically, instructor!

by Jason Hawksworth 11/30/2022

Sean White was an extraordinary instructor with a wealth of knowledge and an ability to illustrate his knowledge in a way that is understandable and not over the head of the average student,

by Eric Israelsen, Summit Energy 11/29/2022

Great course from Sean!

by Jim Donlan 11/12/2022

Great course, very thorough.

by Zahi Baroudi, Construction Advisor, GIZ 11/08/2022

Perfect course to acquire a solid base and technical practicality on PV systems. Great instructor with high skills in explanation.

by John Watts, Sr. Supervisor of Energy Services, EPB of Chattanooga 11/01/2022

Sean really made the calculations part of the course very easy to understand.

by Mohamed Samura, Field Metering Engineer, Energicity dba Power Leone 09/13/2022

Before doing this course, I did not much about work safety but having gone through this course I saw the emphasis on safety and the need to apply it in every work environment. So going forward safety is one thing I will consider in every workspace

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