Megawatt Design


30-Hour NABCEP Advanced PV Training

Instructor: Randy Batchelor

Subjects: Solar: Design and Installation, Solar: Megawatt Design, Solar: Inspection, O&M, Solar: Solar Utility Interconnection

Length: 10 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What system sizes is this course intended for? Does it cover ground mounted systems in detail?

This course is ideal for designers working on systems ranging from 500kW to 5MW. The course is focused on rooftop systems but many of the topics covered apply broadly across system types.

A number of considerations for ground mount systems are also discussed, including: racking systems, fire clearances and roads, and overall system architecture (AC versus DC, etc.). The resources provided cover topics relevant to ground mount systems in more detail.

The instructors have years of experience designing ground mount systems. They are happy to address any participant questions about ground mount systems and provide additional resources for learning more.

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