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by Robert W 11/21/2023

by Hayden G 11/19/2023

by Ian M 11/16/2023

by Louis R 11/14/2023

by Devanand M 11/13/2023

by Scott W 11/12/2023

by Lamonta H 10/27/2023

by Lamonta H 10/26/2023

by Robert D 10/26/2023

by Drew Durrschmidt, Hyde Renewables 10/25/2023

I am new to the renewable energy field. This was the first certification my organization asked me to complete. This course has given me a wonderful insight into the industry that is allowing me to excel in my role as a project coordinator. I can not wait to continue to use heat spring training courses to advance myself in this industry and my career.

by Matt W 10/25/2023

by Lucas M 10/20/2023

by Chirag Pansuriya, Design Manager, StraightUp Solar 10/10/2023

Comprehensive course about solar construction drawings and how to read them. Highly recommended to anyone interested.

by Neal B 10/09/2023

by Jackson C 10/02/2023

by eileen H 09/29/2023

by Mohamed S 09/24/2023

by Samuel H 09/15/2023

by Charley H 09/08/2023

by Patrick S 08/31/2023

by Hailey S 08/24/2023

by John C 08/22/2023

by John C 08/21/2023

by Bethel G 08/21/2023

by Harold H 08/21/2023

by Tamarah T 08/18/2023

by diana m 08/14/2023

by Joshua D 08/03/2023

by William C 08/03/2023

by Maya O 08/02/2023

by Stephanie Davis 08/01/2023

As a new analyst in the solar field, this course helped to provide me with the basics plus a deeper understanding of the processes and functions of solar. I would recommend it to anyone who has limited knowledge of the field!

by Josh L 07/31/2023

by Jogie P 07/30/2023

by Raunak K 07/27/2023

by Brett E 07/26/2023

by Kelsey N 07/25/2023

by Bobbi W 07/24/2023

by arthur mangwende, Chief Consultant, African Sky Technology 07/19/2023

Leadership in Utility-Scale Solar Construction is very informative. I recommend it strongly.

by Sarah M 07/13/2023

by Jason M 07/11/2023

by Alex R 07/10/2023

by Jordan D 07/08/2023

by Tulio V 07/08/2023

by Mann S 07/05/2023

by HuiChien T 06/26/2023

by Michael K 06/18/2023

by Carlos Guillermo P 06/13/2023

by Ian S 06/02/2023

by Clive C 05/10/2023

by Chase L 05/02/2023

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