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by Paul Kanja 06/19/2020

As renewable energy technologies gather adoption momentum, energy storage has been one of the missing link. This course has largely highlighted some of the key potential technologies for large VRE technologies and smart grids to improve their sustainability.

by D.P. Suresh 05/23/2020


by SANDHIYA R 05/09/2020

it is useful

by Mohaneshwari Velselvam 04/27/2020


by Kalidass D 04/22/2020

Yes i really enjoyed this course because it's focused on the energy storage technologies

by Dr.P.Selvaraj - 04/20/2020

Thank you sir

by Jeanine A 04/18/2020

by Rathy G A, Dr, NITTTR 04/16/2020

Gives an ideas about energy storage

by vadivelan R 04/13/2020

All should learn

by Dr K Gunasekaran 04/12/2020


by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

It is useful for update the information

by ARAVIND T 04/10/2020


by Dr.M. SUGANTHI 04/09/2020


by Herbert Lubis 04/03/2020


by abdalla mahmoud, installation engineer, eastwatt 04/01/2020

i really enjoyed the course , and was almost aware of everything

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/01/2020

Amazing stuff ,this is an eye opener ,in large and bulk storage solutions.

by Paul Sutton 04/01/2020

Learned a great deal about future Energy Storage Systems

by Brian A. E 03/26/2020

by Trevor W 03/13/2020

by Ricarte Nunez 02/25/2020

This course presented audio interviews in MP3 format which should be given time for listening. The ideas/inputs from Catherine Von Burg on her investment with Li batteries may give someone the enthusiasm/encouragement in the pursuit of her business endeavor inspite of the fact that some companies have filed for bankruptcy. The course due to its audio interviews gave a wide range of examples of businesses on energy storage in their areas of specializations helpful to students in getting a wider grasp of things about energy storage.

by Gajalakshmi B 02/24/2020

by Rojin v John 02/21/2020

Good experience

by mohammad alhassan 02/19/2020

Design and explanation of course

by Zoheb Aslam, Manager, Ningbo green light Energy Pvt Ltd 01/22/2020


by Ukeme Asuquo 01/06/2020

If you are passionate about solving global issues using sustainable technology, then this course is for you. You'll be expose to a world of possibilities with Renewable Energy.

by YASHVANTH U 12/16/2019

by Eric S 08/16/2022

by Alan M 05/25/2022

by Ripley M 04/19/2022

by Inder P 12/07/2021

by Mindaugas P 09/19/2021

by Bright Unwana A 08/17/2021

by samuel p 01/12/2021

by Lodewyk E 01/05/2021

by Vanessa G 12/08/2020

by Hussein Ali Ghanem A 10/13/2020

by Mohammad Abedalfatah A 10/06/2020

by Shaun J 06/29/2020

by Maria S 06/25/2020

by Robert C 06/13/2020

by Dalton D 06/11/2020

by GEETHA V 06/08/2020

by Ryan K 06/03/2020

by Christopher K 05/26/2020

by peter k 05/18/2020

by Mike D 05/13/2020

by Srinivasan R 05/09/2020

by Ranjeet K 05/05/2020

by Dr N S 05/03/2020

by Abhijeet Balasaheb K 05/02/2020