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by Jerry Burns, Manager, 21st Century Surveying, LLC 12/18/2019

A must for all surveyors wanting to improve their knowledge of boundary law as it applies to our profession. It should be a requirement for new surveyors to gain a solid foundation in boundary law, before they place their first pin in the ground. This course is a historical, in depth, look at the nations boundary laws and how they are relative to todays modern surveyor. This course adds a whole new meaning to, "Following in the footsteps". We as professional surveyors need to follow in the footsteps on the ground and also in the footsteps in applying boundary law to our daily tasks and responsibilities.

by Augusta Kickbusch, Marquardt Surveying 04/14/2019

EXCELLENT course with applicable and priceless information that will broaden your problem solving and overall thinking when it comes to boundary surveying!!!

by James H 12/01/2016

by Gregory N 11/04/2016

by Jeffrey Nading, Professional Land Surveyor I, Colorado Dept of Transportation 11/01/2016

After taking this course, I have a much better foundation for rendering opinions on boundary issues. I wish every Licensed Surveyor could take this course.

by Todd Bauer, Principal, ForeSight Consulting, LLC 10/30/2016

The course format allowed me to work at my own pace and incorporate the weekly topics into my land surveying operations instantaneously. The course truly changed my thoughts and approach to certain surveying matters, and has elevated my boundary surveying skills.

by Pat Ryan, Survey Project Manager, Mercer Technical Service (MTS) 10/28/2016

This class is enjoyable but you need to put the effort in to make it work. Jeff is a great host for this excursion.

by Sarah Blair 07/14/2016

Very informative. Delivers what it claims to in an easily accessible and common sense manner.

by Philip Flynn, Registered Land Surveyor, Camp & Associates Land Surveying, Inc. 06/03/2016

Great course to refresh your memory on what the retracing surveyor's role is in society.

by David McGlasson, Principal Engineer, Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group 04/20/2016

I really wish all practicing land surveyors could hear and understand the principles presented in this course. It becomes so obvious that in too many cases we are just doing it wrong. We would help our clients and our profession immensely if more of us were doing it right!

by Wiley Work, Professional Land Surveyor, City of Lamar 04/16/2016

This class should be part of a curriculum for everyone studying to become a land surveyor. You will walk away from this class with knowledge superior to others in your field. You will not regret the time and effort and long hours it takes to be successful with this class.

by Nathan Woodward, County Surveyor, Columbia County 04/11/2016

Simply put, I am a better surveyor as a result of this class!

by Jeff Voorheis, President, Voorheis & Voorheis, Inc. 04/11/2016

Case material was extremely interesting. Mr. Lucas has a gift for communicating challenging concepts and scenarios in a very clear and concise manner even with a sprinkling of humor added to keep it engaging. I have a much greater sense of how the courts and citizens view our important work. This course has caused me to reconsider how I have addressed certain situations in the past and how I may address them differently in the future. I have been elevated from "expert measurer" status to "Steward of the Nation's Boundaries".

by Aaron reuter, Survey Manager , Schlagel & Associates 04/10/2016

I enjoyed this course.

by Benjamin Carter, COUNTY SURVEYOR, DONA ANA COUNTY 02/26/2016

This course was excellent. Jeff does a great job presenting material that is meaningful and valid. I really appreciate his effort to relay no-nonsense information that professionals need to hear and learn. This course can and will greatly benefit both young and well seasoned professional surveyors. Highly recommended!

by Warren Drescher, Owner, Drescher & Associates 12/18/2015

This course will challenge conventional thought on surveying and propel any surveyor to a higher level of accountability and accuracy

by Lynn Kovach, Principal Land Surveyor, Polaris Land Surveying 12/02/2015

I learned a lot!


Given the state of the 'profession' (with a few "apprentice" surveyors still working) and others who fall short of their professional calling, this course can be remedial in stopping bad practices as well as strengthening and improving the rest. good

by Polly Jones 09/14/2015

Great course, Thank you Mr Lucas! Thanks also to Heatspring for a very efficient online learning platform and user-friendly site and student advocate!

by Kate R 10/30/2022

by Alejandro O 02/14/2017

by Robert J 12/30/2016

by Terry S 10/31/2016

by J.D. L 09/09/2016

by Shane B 08/10/2016

by jason s 04/17/2016

by Joanna O 04/06/2016

by paul g 04/01/2016

by Jonathan D 01/14/2016

by Robert O 12/12/2015

by donald t 12/03/2015

by Dawn M 11/25/2015

by carl c 10/30/2015

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