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by Nnaemeka Dureke 11/26/2022

An excellent course

by Bassem Khaled 10/30/2022


by Waled Yahya 04/30/2022

really i am interested

by Oliver Arango 03/13/2021

This introduction is good for those residential / small business startup owners who like to embrace and benefits from ZNE application.

by Mark Clark, Heating Systems Evaluator, Citizens for Citizens Inc. 02/16/2021

great job

by Wallace Rogers 02/12/2021

A Change is Going to Come.

by Shaun Jackson 05/20/2020

I would like prospective students to know that these courses are very interesting & very helpful in todays world & very much a benefit in todays econnomy, thank you. ,

by William Bates 04/23/2020


by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to learn

by ARAVIND T 04/10/2020


by cody isaacs 03/27/2020

make sure you pay attention

by Ashley Kucko 03/12/2020

This is great information for home construction or renovation to provide renewable energy for the home and reduce carbon footprint.

by Abdelkader Omar 02/23/2020

it is a good course to begin in green building ,i highly recommend this course for others .

by Darin B 11/17/2019



by Antawn Jackson 06/07/2019

I would definitely recommend taking this course if you are into clean energy.

by Jody Fitzgerald, Construction Manager, Florida Home partnership 04/12/2019

Great overview of Net Zero. Very good explanation of the different terms used.

by Joel Nzima 03/14/2019

it is well for knowledge of greene economy

by Tashina Demman 03/12/2019

This is a great introduction to Zero Net Energy homes.

by syed abdul haq s 03/11/2019



a good course indeed. it helps one to learn from the very basics of ZNE houses

by Jeff Kelly, Consultant , Kelly Tech Services LLC. 02/19/2019

I found the explanation of principals and how net zero is quantified to be very straight forward.. Thank you for this presentation! I will refer many people to this course!

by Tracy Hornbeck 01/27/2019

I did enjoy the course. My wife and I are planing our retirement home in the Adirondacks and want to be as energy conscious as possible but don't know where to start. This course provided a good foundation (pun intended), thank you for making it simple and free!

by Steve McFarland 01/19/2019

So much useful information in a great, easy to navigate formate. I'm hooked!

by Korey Fovel 01/02/2019

better then expected

by Justin Renken, Associate Developer, Geronimo Energy 11/30/2018


by Robert Mellon 11/19/2018

Very informative and to the point information that is immediately useful.

by Del Isabelle 11/12/2018

good to know

by Jessie Gutierrez 11/07/2018

Everyone needs to know about Zero Net Energy Homes, I am very happy I took the time to learn about it, Thankyou for this free course.

by Mohammad Giyahudeen Abdul Rasheed 09/18/2018


by Samuel S 09/14/2018

by Wilner Timolien, Solar PV Systems Engineer 08/17/2018

Great introductory course to NZE home Design

by Cyrus Mbugua 07/29/2018

I got to learn the basics of ZNE , i will continue to more advanced courses on ZNE Homes

by Gerrard Clark 06/05/2018

This course provides you a clear understanding what is meant by Zero Net Energy Homes.

by Katherine Campbell 05/23/2018

A solid introduction to terms and ideas for zero net energy home construction.

by Kristin Palmer 04/26/2018

This is a great introduction course to understand different variables that the homeowner can tweak to gain maximum efficiency in their home design.

by Mike Seymour 03/04/2018

Great intro course to net zero building!

by Alex Krowka 02/27/2018

I thought this was a great introductory course, very easy to follow. I've been in the industry for a little over a year now so there wasn't much new on a personal level but I really wish I had taken this course when I was first starting.

by Brian Schwamb 02/21/2018

This is the future. Solar is finite, but relative to Earth and humans it will be infinite and is the key to reversing what we have begun.

by DON JULIEN 01/09/2018

If your designing commmerical and resdential buildings in 2018 and onwards, this is a worthwhile introduction to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Energy Design.

by Naomi Darling 11/28/2017

A great introduction to the terms and concepts associated with Net Zero design!

by Roger Gutzwiller, Owner, Acquire 11/07/2017

Anyone who wants to explore the possibility of building or renovating a home that uses less energy than it produces should watch this presentation.

by wittaya sorasri 07/16/2017

It is short and get to the point and explain clearly.


Powerful and Effective learning

by Ayush Sood 03/17/2017

yes it was helpful in many purpose for carrier in renewables

by Ulysse M 01/23/2017

by Andreas Voura 01/08/2017

This has been a great introduction to achieving a Zero Net Energy Home.

by Pietro Trematore 11/18/2016

A good course that provides the fundamental basis on ZBE


This short course gives a good introduction to the concept of Zero Net Energy Building.

by Stephen Mennuti, CEO, Menu of Homes Inc. 08/17/2016

Marc is a first rate instructor, I enjoy his precise handling of the subject matter such that you know the course has not overlooked anything.

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