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by John S 09/20/2022

Tim's class is a fantastic intro to the world of distribution connected solar. He provides historical perspective as well as looks into the future for trends that are coming down the road. If you're getting into developing or designing utility scale projects, this course is great!

by Robert Smith 05/20/2023

From developer to design engineer, all will get useful and practical information out of this course about electric utility power systems in a way that is relevant to grid-connected, utility-scale PV installations.

by Ted Monhollon 01/24/2023

Very informative, lots of very advanced material included for utility scale DER systems not covered in any other training I've seen.

by Hans A 06/03/2023

by REBECCA A 05/11/2023

by Adrian L 04/30/2023

by Tom S 04/21/2023

by Jordan W 10/27/2022

by SARANYA R 10/05/2022

by Ruihua Y 09/23/2022

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