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This course is one of four free courses included in the Inflation Reduction Act: Solar Provisions Explained Series by CollectiveSun.

The Inflation Reduction Act introduced a provision in 2023 called Elective Pay (more commonly known as “Direct Pay”) that creates a very exciting pathway for nonprofit organizations to utilize tax credits.

In this free course, we review aspects of Direct Pay, how to apply, and any updates to be aware of as we move into the 2024 tax year. This information will be helpful for nonprofits who have placed a system in service during the 2023 tax year or are planning to place a system in service in the 2024 tax year. We also discuss timing of filings, as well as a review of the 990-T and other forms that need to be completed.

Key Highlights:

  • Determine how your tax year affects Direct Pay eligibility
  • Understand the filing timeline and order of operations for registration and tax filings including forms such as the 990-T/3800/3468 that need to be completed
  • 6/30 vs 12/31 year-end filers discussion on the Direct Pay timelines

This was a webinar originally aired on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024.

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Course outline

2 modules • 24 assignments • 1:07 hours of video lectures

Module 1 • 13 assignments
Direct Pay 2024: Digging into the Details

  • Disclaimer
  • Introduction to CollectiveSun and Speakers (05:06 minutes)
  • Direct Pay - Where to Start? (04:11 minutes)
  • The How - It's All About Timing (11:06 minutes)
  • IRS Form 3468 (05:19 minutes)
  • IRS Form 3800 (02:23 minutes)
  • IRS Form 990-T and Audit Risk (06:16 minutes)
  • Recap and Solutions (07:43 minutes)
  • Making Sense of It All (03:08 minutes)
  • Q&A with Lee and Nicole (14:15 minutes)
  • Slide Deck (.pdf)
  • Q&A Transcript from Live Webinar (.pdf)
  • Learn about CollectiveSun's Diverse Range of Financing Options for Nonprofits & Tax-Exempt Organizations
Module 2 • 9 assignments
The Fine Print + Resources for Applying for the Incentives

In this module, we will share direct resources from the U.S. government as well as necessary forms.

  • Direct Pay Checklist - Tax-Exempt Organizations (.pdf)
  • Excessive Benefit Provision (08:18 minutes)
  • Excessive Benefit Rules & Regulations Fact Sheet (.pdf)
  • WhiteHouse.Gov: Direct Pay Summary
  • Dept. of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service: Proposed Regulations
  • Pre-filing Registration Portal
  • IRS Form 3468
  • IRS Form 3800
  • IRS Form 990-T


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