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Heat Pump Control Training for Radiant Heating and Cooling - Sponsored by Tekmar - Self Study


Authors: Paul Jeffry Williamson, Elizabeth Brown

Subjects: Renewable HVAC: HVAC Design, Renewable HVAC: Geothermal

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In this free training you will learn what you need to confidently design an efficient radiant heating and cooling heat pump system using the newest tekmar Control Systems heat pump products pairing: the tN2 House Control 406 and the tekmarNet® Thermostat 557.

Gain important knowledge about how to consider each system component in a heat pump application, with a focus on how to integrate best practices in design and control to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort.

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Paul Jeffry Williamson

Control System Designer, tekmar Control Systems

Paul joined tekmar Control Systems in 1998 as an HVAC Control Technician and soon became an instructor of hydronic theory and controls. He has over 15 years experience being self-employed in the plumbing, heating and gas fitting fields and has worked in the trade since 1976. Paul holds journeyman trades qualification (TQ) certificates in the plumbing and gas fitting...[more]

Elizabeth Brown

tekmar Controls

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview Of Radiant Heating And Cooling

First we will discuss the benefits of radiant heating and dismantle the myths of radiant cooling. We’ll consider the operational provisions that exist for a radiant system to be safely, effectively used all year to provide both heating and cooling requirements. Lastly, we will discuss the design and control features that are essential to operate a radiant heating and cooling system as intended.

  • Introduction to the Course (41:00) (Resource)
  • Reading Assignment: "Radiant Floor Cooling Systems" (Download .pdf)
  • Reading Assignment: "Radiant Floor Cooling in Practice" (Download .pdf)
Module 2: Heat Pump Overview

We’ll begin with an overview of heat pumps to provide an understanding of the benefits they offer over traditional heat/cool equipment. We will consider the equipment operation and how it can be controlled to target maximum efficiency. Lastly, we’ll look at how a hydronic heat pump is inherently well suited for a radiant heating and cooling application.

  • Heat Pump Overview (33:00) (Resource)
  • Reading Assignment: "Heating and Cooling with a Heat Pump" - (Pages 24-36) (Download .pdf)
Module 3: Overall Heat Pump System Design Considerations

This module will contain an overview of the three different components of a heat pump system – the geothermal equipment, the control & piping design, and the heat/cool distribution system. We’ll focus on the design requirements and control strategies to ensure optimal operation from each component.

  • Heat Pump System Design Considerations (47:18) (Resource)
  • Outdoor Reset & Indoor Feedback (2:34) (Resource)
Module 4: Designing Heat/cool Distribution Systems For Heat Pump Applications

Review the design considerations for radiant heating and cooling, and how and when to include second stage heating and cooling. Suggestions will be offered on ideal system water temperatures, and sizing equipment accordingly. We’ll discuss the application recommendations to include mixing and consider the impacts of humidity for safe radiant cooling.

  • WATCH Designing Distribution Systems for Heat Pumps (43:00 (Resource)
  • Mixing Methods and Sizing of Variable Speed Injection Pumps (Download .pdf)
Module 5: Applications And Control Strategies

Review typical heat pump heat/cool designs, including both 2 and 4 pipe systems, with a focus on a 2 pipe system. Learn about the necessary control features the tN2 House Control 406 and the tekmarNet Thermostat 557 can offer to better control radiant heating and cooling. Understand how this control pairing is able to operate floor cooling to avoid condensation and appropriately reduce the sensible cooling load. Note: The operation of radiant floor cooling in the tekmarNet Thermostat 557 has changed since this course was created. Please contact technical support at 250-545-7749 for details on the revised operation.

  • WATCH Heat Pump Control Strategies (63:00) (Resource)
  • Introducing the House Control 406 (2:59) (Resource)
Module 6: Backup Heat Source & High Temperature Loads

We’ll introduce tips on why you might need a backup heat source and how it can be controlled to complement the operation of the heat pump. We’ll suggest options for adding high temperature loads to the heat pump system, like DHW, pools, and snowmelt.

  • WATCH Designing and Controlling Back up Heat Sources (43:00) (Resource)