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by Ahmed Mamdouh 09/25/2023


by Parvannah Lee 09/12/2023

This course is accessible, please take it! Solar generators will expand your ideas of possible applications for mobile off-grid solar. Some can be stationary or towed! I already have ideas of building a solar wi-fi cafe, a solar food truck or just to make a deployable trailer to share during community events. Thank you, and I hope this course inspires some entrepreneurs.

by JP C 08/31/2023

by Derek P 05/15/2023

by Emmaunel Effiong 02/13/2023

I find the course very interesting, it has gone a long way to increase my knowledge about solar power system as a field service engineer thanks slot

by Andrei D 01/27/2023

by Don F 01/11/2023

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/03/2022


by Fakher M 09/29/2022

by Mushtakh m 09/29/2022

by Ahmed Omar 09/05/2022

It is good course

by Ghulam Nabi S 08/16/2022

by ROBERT D 08/13/2022

by mohamed omar 07/27/2022

It really is a great role

by Samuel D 07/03/2022

by Islam A 07/01/2022

by Uzochukwu Akabueze, Student, Jackson State University 06/16/2022

This course is a great intro for any student who is interested in solar renewable energy. The explanation is superb and comprehensive to any student at any level.

by Felix Najite Okene 06/04/2022

This course is very amazing and contains all the vital information that one needs to know about solar generators.

by Clyde S 05/28/2022

by Imre S 05/28/2022

by Zuhair Abed Aljawwad, Technical Manager, Technolight Engineering co. 05/14/2022

Every word in this course is very important, be sure not to skip or misunderstand any

by Elie S 05/07/2022

by Ali Beqaj, Owner, Beqaj Construction LLC 05/03/2022

It is worth doing as it gives a basic understanding of these systems.

by Atony M 05/01/2022

by Mohamed Y 05/01/2022

by Waled Yahya 04/27/2022

i am really intersted

by luis b 04/26/2022

by Lamey Fathey Atalla Abdou 04/19/2022

Is enjoy

by pat treadwell 04/18/2022

suggest everyone take advantage of PV installation and saftey requirements needed

by ASHAFAK KHAN 04/17/2022


by William H 04/16/2022

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