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This module is a part of Footprint Project's open-source training curriculum for volunteers and disaster responders. This module focuses on describing more of the details of a solar generator, what it can power, and basic safety. Additional modules will be focused on more technical aspects for the volunteers who have a desire to learn more about cleaner energy and disaster resilience.

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About Footprint Project: Our mission is to help build back greener after disasters by providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis. Learn more about our work and get involved at www.footprintproject.org!

Solar Smart Hands (Module 2) takes beginning volunteers through a few presentations:
2.1 What Is a Solar Generator?
2.2 What Can a Solar Generator Power?
2.3 Solar Generator Basic Safety

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Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the Components Within a Solar Generator
  • Awareness of the Various Types of Solar Generators
  • Defining/Understanding Solar Generators
  • Defining a Microgrid and How it Relates to Solar Generators
  • Understand Feasible Use/Applications of Solar Generators When Compared to Loads
  • Understanding of Safety Risks in Working on Site and Around Solar Generators

Course outline

3 modules • 9 assignments • 43 minutes of video lectures

Welcome • 1 assignments
Orientation Materials

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  • Overview of Solar Smart Hands Volunteer Training
Module 1 • 2 assignments
What is a solar generator?

  • What Is a Solar Generator? (10:25 minutes)
  • Quiz: What Is a Solar Generator
Module 2 • 2 assignments
What Can Solar Generators Power?

  • What Can Solar Generators Power? (13:55 minutes)
  • Quiz: What Can Solar Generators Power?
Module 3 • 2 assignments
Solar Generator Safety

  • Solar Generator Safety (18:39 minutes)
  • Quiz: Solar Generator Safety
Conclusion • 2 assignments
Feedback and Additional Resources

This is our last module but you still have access to the all of course materials so keep working and you'll be able to complete the course at your own pace. Enjoy the course and keep in touch!

  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate

Continuing Education Units

Approved for the following CEUs

  • 1 Footprint Project Volunteer Credits


  • Riley Neugebauer

    Trainer, Solar for Women & Footprint Project
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    Riley brings expertise in management, communications, and solar installation. She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Allegheny College in western PA, and a certificate in Photovoltaic System Design & Installation from San Juan College in Farmington, NM. Riley has held varied posts that range from Electrical Apprentice to Farmer to Sustainability Coordinator, and... Learn more

  • Footprint Project

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    Footprint Project’s mission is to help #BuildBackGreener after disasters by providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis. We dispatch mobile solar stations to power disaster first response and support long-term, resilient recovery. We help relief groups integrate sustainable technologies into their missions through hands-on training, design, and deployment support.... Learn more

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How long do I have access to the materials?
For free courses there is no guarantee for how long the course materials will be available.
Is there a certificate of completion?
Yes, when you complete this course you are eligible for a certificate of completion from HeatSpring. You can download your certificate as soon as you have completed all of the course requirements. Students can easily share their verified certificates on their LinkedIn profiles using our LinkedIn integration.
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William H


Ahmed Mamdouh

This course is accessible, please take it! Solar generators will expand your ideas of possible applications for mobile off-grid solar. Some can be stationary or towed! I already have ideas of building a solar wi-fi cafe, a solar food truck or just to make a deployable trailer to share during community events. Thank you, and I hope this course inspires some entrepreneurs.

Parvannah Lee

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