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Footprint Project Volunteer Training - Energy Technicians (Module 3)

Riley Neugebauer • Last updated 07/2022

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Course description

This module is a part of Footprint Project's open-source training curriculum for volunteers and disaster responders. This module focuses on explaining the basics of electricity, how to estimate your energy needs for a site where you are interested to have a solar generator, how to size the various components of a solar generator given your energy needs, and then a more detailed look at safety when working with and around solar generators.

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About Footprint Project: Our mission is to help build back greener after disasters by providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis. Learn more about our work and get involved at!

Energy Technicians (Module 3) takes volunteers through a few presentations:
3.1 Electricity Basics
3.2 How to Estimate Energy Needs
3.3 How to Size a Solar Generator
3.4 Energy Technician Solar Generator Safety

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Continuing Education Units

Approved for: 1 Footprint Project Volunteer Credits.

Full course outline

Module 1 - Electricity Basics

In this training we will review voltage, current, power, and energy so that you can more easily understand electricity as it relates to a solar generator.

  • Electricity Basics (16:55 minutes)
  • Quiz: Electricity Basics
Module 2 - How to Estimate Energy Needs

In this training we will go through the process to assess your power and energy loads at a potential solar generator site. This allows you to understand how much power and energy are needed so that you could then size the components of a generator to meet your needs.

  • Worksheet 3.2: Estimating Energy Needs (.pdf)
  • Estimating Energy Needs (16:32 minutes)
  • Quiz: Estimating Energy Needs
Module 3 - How to Size a Solar Generator

In this training we will walk you through the process of sizing the various components of your solar generator, based on the power and energy loads assessment.

  • Worksheet 3.3: Sizing Your Solar Generator (.pdf)
  • Sizing A Solar Generator (36:02 minutes)
  • A Website for Determining Peak Sun Hours
  • Quiz: Sizing a Solar Generator
Module 4 - Energy Technician Solar Generator Safety

This training will review some of the training information from Solar Smart Hands, while also adding some additional detail for volunteers who may work directly on the wiring and components in a solar generator.

  • Energy Technician Solar Generator Safety (22:27 minutes)
  • Quiz: Solar Generator Safety for Energy Technicians


Riley Neugebauer

Trainer, Solar for Women & Footprint Project

Riley brings expertise in management, communications, and solar installation. She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Allegheny College in western PA, and a certificate in Photovoltaic System Design & Installation from San Juan College in Farmington, NM. Riley has held varied posts that range from Electrical Apprentice to Farmer to Sustainability Coordinator, and... Learn more


14 reviews

61 students have taken this course

by Hussam Fahmi Abdo Mohammed Al-azazi 01/18/2023

You should to start

by kavitha 12/28/2022

Good basic course

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/03/2022


by Michael Aba 09/28/2022

This improved my knowledge of solar system sizing.

by Bwambale Musubaho Luke 09/03/2022

I sincerely enjoyed the course, it was my long waiting opportunity, as an electrician I used to get challenges when dealing with load calculation work. I now have freedom of mind.

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