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by Michelle V 03/31/2023

by Coumba Ndoffene D 03/15/2023

by Coumba Ndoffene D 03/15/2023

by Rajendiran m 03/12/2023


by P. RAJESHDHARAN 03/01/2023

this course is useful and knowledgeable. I got the more information about the solar project and designing method. really I enjoy this course. and also I learnt about how to drone view in solar project

by Don B 02/28/2023

by William C 02/16/2023

by arthur m 02/10/2023

by Jesus Dennis C 01/27/2023

by Theodore M 01/17/2023

by Sagar Belekar 01/08/2023


by Ragavendra R 12/01/2022

by Gokulakrishnan M 11/26/2022

by Sankara N 11/26/2022

by Mac Millan Y 11/25/2022

by Graham A 11/18/2022

by CJ B 10/05/2022

by Josue M 10/05/2022

by Stephen W 10/05/2022

by Matthew A 09/30/2022

by luis b 05/11/2022

by Giuliano S 04/08/2022

by Delia J 04/07/2022

by ed h 03/01/2022

by Gary T 01/17/2022

by Jacob L 11/29/2021

by Somesh K 11/13/2021

by Uko E 11/11/2021

by Halim s 09/26/2021

by michael s 08/20/2021

by Omkar P 04/01/2021

by Mohamed S 03/28/2021

by Patrick S 01/25/2021

by Oscar M 12/28/2020

by SENITH M 11/12/2020

by Ismail B 10/08/2020

by Mahmoud E 10/02/2020

by Gagandeep Singh 09/05/2020

Its really knowledgeable to know all these software's coming the market to make the designing more fun and easy for the designer and give efficient result to the costumer for the longer run.

by Derek C 07/23/2020

by Kurt A 07/22/2020

by j t 07/15/2020

by Jake M 07/11/2020

by siddhartha ghosh 06/28/2020


by James F 06/19/2020

by Rieks B 06/16/2020

by scott w 06/13/2020

by Keven Gambold, CEO, Unmanned Experts 06/09/2020

Tremendous team who are motivated about this excellent capability.

by IAN R 06/08/2020

by Henry B 06/07/2020

by Muhammad Abbas K 06/07/2020

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