Drone Pilot Boot Camp


A Comprehensive Commercial Drone Operators Course

Instructor: Keven Gambold

Subjects: Other Technology: Drones

Length: 12 modules

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for getting the FAA license and the cost for the FAA 107 exam? How long does the license last?

The FAA Part 107 commercial operators license exam costs $150 and you can schedule it whenever you are ready at a testing center near you. Once you pass the exam, the only thing you need to do is renew your license every 2 years by filling out a form and demonstrating you have completed any required continuing education.

After completing the course, you can submit your FAA application and $150 testing fee on the FAA website, then you can schedule to take the 107 exam. There are detailed steps for submitting the FAA application included in the last module of the course.

This course prepares you to for the FAA-administered computer-based test so you can obtain your Part 107 commercial operators license. If you don't pass the exam on the first try, we'll refund your exam fee and let you take the course again for free.

Are students required to have a specific drone for the course or will any drone do?

There is no specific drone required for the course, everything can be done on the simulator software that you'll be using (Zephyr flight simulator and controller). Students often wait until after they take the course to invest in a commercial grade drone so they are better informed about what they need.

The instructor Keven Gambold does spend some time discussing different types of drones, he also has a free course on this topic - Picking a Drone: Job Performance vs Cost.

Does this coarse also to through solar thermal inspections and how to set up thermal camera?

The course materials do touch on this and the instructor, Keven Gambold also provides some links to more role-specific resources as well. In addition, the other students have a plethora of experiences to build from.

During the 12 week instructor-led session, Keven will be in the course answering questions on the discussion board and hosting a weekly conference call so you can dive deeper on any topic related to drones and your business.

Who is out there using drones succesfully now? Is there an opportunity to provide drone services to other companies? What is the market like?

We think the future is bright for drones, as technology improves and costs drop, the market continues to grow.

There are opportunities to offer drone services to other companies. It can generate incremental revenue and there is evidence that this market will grow over time.

Having said that, the bigger opportunity is in using drones to make your own company better. Companies using drones to lower costs and sell more jobs are seeing the best return on investment.

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