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Become a Certified Denowatts Installation Technician upon completion of this course.

Performance management teams rely on dated technology and methods and struggle to meet the demands of rapidly scaling portfolios. That’s why Denowatts developed a new model combining advanced benchmarking technology, interactive analytics, and real-time business intelligence. A user-managed platform makes Denowatts a fast deployment for assets of any size.

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Course outline

5 modules • 33 assignments • 58 minutes of video lectures

Module 1 • 3 assignments

After completion of this course, you know how to install Denowats DTB (Digital Twin Benchmarking) Technology, and will become a certified Denowatts Installation Technician.

  • Denowatts Hardware Installation Guide Introduction (53 seconds)
  • What is Denowatts? (04:20 minutes)
  • Hardware Installation E-Manual
Module 2 • 2 assignments

How to best prepare for your Denowatts installation

  • Before Heading to the Site (06:29 minutes)
  • QUIZ 1
Module 3 • 7 assignments
Gateway Installation

How to properly install and verify a Denowatts Gateway.

  • Introduction (01:07 minutes)
  • Install Step 1 - Gateway (02:12 minutes)
  • Install Step 2 - Gateway Antenna (04:41 minutes)
  • Video Example (43 seconds)
  • Verify - Step 1 (03:00 minutes)
  • Verify Step 2 (03:09 minutes)
  • QUIZ 2
Module 4 • 17 assignments
Deno Sensor Installation

  • Introduction (57 seconds)
  • Deno Lauch-mode (if necessary) (01:22 minutes)
  • Deno Power Check (01:20 minutes)
  • Deno Communication Check - on Gateway (01:17 minutes)
  • Deno Communication Check - Mobile Application (01:19 minutes)
  • How to find the best location for the Deno Sensor (02:23 minutes)
  • Sensor Mounting Introduction (52 seconds)
  • POA Deno Sensor Mounting (02:46 minutes)
  • GHI Deno Sensor Mounting (01:20 minutes)
  • Antenna Mounting (03:07 minutes)
  • Auxiliary Sensors Installation (55 seconds)
  • Tbom - Back of Module Temperature Sensor (02:00 minutes)
  • rPOA - Rear-side Pyranometer (for bifacial modules) (02:59 minutes)
  • Auxiliary GHI Sensor (01:03 minutes)
  • 3rd-Party Pyranometers (01:03 minutes)
  • Documenting Installation (04:42 minutes)
  • QUIZ 3
Module 5 • 2 assignments

Once all the hardware has been installed, it is time to verify the Denowatts installation. This can be completed using the mobile application or by contacting Denowatts support.

  • Denowatts Verification (02:14 minutes)
  • QUIZ 4

Continuing Education Units

Approved for the following CEUs

  • Denowatts


  • Joey Staron

    Manager, Onboarding & Insight, Denowatts Solar
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    Joey is the Manager of Onboarding and Insight at Denowatts and is passionate about improving solar performance analytics and benchmarking practices. Joey brings an engineering background to the table along with 6+ years of solar industry experience. With experience that ranges from residential & commercial installation to operations & maintenance, to performance... Learn more

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For free courses there is no guarantee for how long the course materials will be available.
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Based on 53 reviews
students have taken this course

This course has allowed me as a commissioning and o/m manager to ensure correct installations are occurring at our sites. Straight forward and detailed

Jared Johnson

I finished this course in one sitting, it says a lot for the effort made in organizing this course. It will be a good source for buyers making a decision to acquire Denowatts for use in the solar PV projects.

Naseem Aziz

This course was a great refresher and added additional information I can now use while on-site.

Joseph Silveira

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