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Deep Energy Retrofits - Self Study


Author: Marc Rosenbaum

Subjects: Green Building: Zero Net Energy, Green Building: Building Science

Length: 10 modules

Student Rating

9.2 out of 10 (view ratings)
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A note about this course:

Marc Rosenbaum developed this course back in 2015 and hundreds of people have taken it. Around 2017 the demand for the course fell too low to justify Marc running additional instructor-led sessions.

So please be aware that while much of the course material is still relevant, it is no longer being updated. As a result we have lowered the price by more than half and made the course available as a 'self serve' course that is not supported by an instructor.

Satisfaction guarantee - If you aren't happy with this course for any reason, just let us know within 7 days of enrolling and we will provide a full refund.

Course Description:

Learn how to incorporate transformative energy upgrades in existing residential and commercial buildings up to 45,000 square feet.

Forget the theory. This course will fundamentally change the way you approach retrofit projects, while build your network of like minded professionals. Your practice will never be the same.

Learning Objectives

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Free Preview - Introduction to the Deep Energy Retrofits Course
Marc Rosenbaum Is A Deep Energy Retrofit (Der) Expert

Marc has as much direct experience in deep energy retrofits as anyone, lives in his own zero net energy DER, and has helped people implement these strategies on numerous single and multi-family homes, schools, light commercial, and institutional buildings.

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Marc Rosenbaum has always taught top-notch courses with a unique mix of expertise, humor, and humanity. His new Deep Energy Retrofits course was no exception. I highly recommend it.

- Tom Davidson, DLB Associates

Marc's approach to deep energy retrofits is technically astute, pragmatic, and replete with a broad range of real world case studies. I completed this course understanding far more about DERs than I'd ever imagined.

- John Poole, Birmingham Point Preservationists

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in building or designing buildings with a high level of thermal and energy performance, particularly if you work in existing buildings. The instructor has a wealth of practical knowledge to share and the HeatSpring team does a wonderful job supporting the course.

- Reid Betz, Ageloff & Associates

Marc's wealth of knowledge and years of field experience create an unparalleled learning experience. Seldom does anyone so truly walk the walk they talk.

- Myrt Jaquay-Wilson, Wright Builders

Marc is a true master of doing deep energy retrofits. His ability to break down concepts and deliver each topic in simple terms makes this course easy to understand. It is great for licensed professionals and contractors who want to expand their knowledge and businesses. It is also fun for ordinary folks who just like houses. It's for everyone who wants a low energy, super comfortable home.

- Irving Yee, Ethelind Coblin Architect

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Marc Rosenbaum

Principal, Energysmiths

Marc Rosenbaum, P.E. uses an integrated systems design approach to help people create buildings and communities which connect us to the natural world, and support both personal and planetary health. He brings this vision, experience and commitment to a collaborative design process, with the goal of profoundly understanding the interconnections between people, place, and...[more]

Free Preview - Introduction to the Deep Energy Retrofits Course

Course Outline

Welcome - Orientation Materials

This is a self-study on demand course. This course is self-paced, so you don’t need to be logged in at any specific time. You can get started immediately after you enroll and the course materials will remain in your account with minimum guaranteed access for 12 months (1 year) after enrollment.

  • Introduction to HeatSpring (Video - 01:25 minutes) Preview
  • A note about this course - self serve (Text)
Module 1 - Introduction to Deep Energy Retrofits

Topics: Benefits, Costs, What makes a good DER?, Where energy goes in houses

  • Introduction to the Deep Energy Retrofits Course (Video - 10:02 minutes) Preview
  • Course Textbook - Mass Save Deep Energy Retrofit Builder Guide (Resource)
  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 8-11 (Text)
  • DERs - An Introduction (Video - 15:01 minutes) Preview
  • Energy (Video - 19:36 minutes)
  • RESOURCE - Thousand Home Challenge website (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - New Mexico Solar Energy Association Primer (Download .pdf)
  • RESOURCE - Thousand Home Challenge Priorities Worksheet (Download .xls)
  • Livermore Case Study (Video - 32:17 minutes)
  • Marc's Intro to DERs (Download .pdf)
  • DERs - An Introduction PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Energy DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Livermore Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
  • David White's GWP of Insulation Calculator (Download .xls)
Module 2 - Deficiencies of existing houses and how a DER can help

Topics: Water, Ice dams, Toxic materials, Mold, Combustion products, Discomfort, Pests

  • READING - DER Guide pgs 12-13 (Text)
  • Deficiencies and Remediation (Video - 28:21 minutes) Preview
  • READING - EPA Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades pgs 1-25 (Download .pdf)
  • RESOURCE - Jeff May Ten Tips on Mold (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - EPA Moisture Control Guide (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - BSI-056 Leiningen vs. The Ants (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - CDC - Cleaning Up After Rodents (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Rodent-proof Construction and Exclusion Methods (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - EPA lead web site (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - EPA Asbestos web site (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - EPA Radon web site (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - EPA Build Radon Out Guide (Download .pdf)
  • RESOURCE - Joe Lstiburek on Ice Dams (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - EPA Guide to Mold and Moisture (Download .pdf)
  • Plainfield School Case Study (Video - 40:01 minutes)
  • Deficiencies and remediation PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Plainfield School Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 3 - Building Science

Topics: Energy, heat transfer, moisture, Heat loss calculations, Vapor retarders

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 31-41; 227-232 (Text)
  • Heat Transfer (19:59) (Video - 19:59 minutes)
  • Calculating Heat Loss (27:00) (Video - 26:32 minutes)
  • Moisture (Video - 38:24 minutes)
  • READING - Understanding Drainage Planes (Resource)
  • READING - Understanding Vapor Barriers (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Marc's Heat Loss Calculator (Download .xls)
  • HOMEWORK - Heat Loss Calculation (Download .xls)
  • HOMEWORK SOLUTION (Download .xls)
  • RESOURCE - BSD-011 Thermal Control In Buildings (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Materials Properties Table (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - BSD-013 Rain Control In Buildings (Resource)
  • Bindley Case Study (Video - 27:23 minutes)
  • Heat transfer PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Calculating Heat Loss PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Moisture PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Bindley Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Thermal Bridge Calculator (Resource)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 4 - Air Barriers

Topics: Where houses leak, Approaches to air tightening, exterior and interior, Testing and diagnostics

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 31-41 (Text)
  • Air Barriers (Video - 20:30 minutes)
  • Specifying and Testing Air Tightness (Video - 13:42 minutes)
  • Thermal Bridges (Video - 13:55 minutes)
  • READING - BSD-104 Understanding Air Barriers (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Marc's Thermal Bridge Calculator (Download .xls)
  • HOMEWORK - Calculate Assembly R Values (Text)
  • HOMEWORK SOLUTION (Download .xls)
  • RESOURCE - A Bridge Too Far (Resource)
  • Kurkoski Case Study (Video - 20:45 minutes)
  • Air Barriers DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Specifying and testing air tightness PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Thermal bridges PDF (Download .pdf)
  • A Fun Thermal Bridge Occurrence (Resource)
  • Kurkoski Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 5 - Foundation Approaches

Topics: Basements and crawl spaces, Slab on grade

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 58-70; 143-156 (Text)
  • Foundations (Video - 31:48 minutes)
  • Understanding and Calculating Building Heat Loss to the Ground (Video - 01:00:36 hours)
  • READING - BSD-103 Understanding Basements (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - BSI-041 Rubble Foundations (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - BSI-045 Double Rubble Toil and Trouble (Resource)
  • Debevoise Hall Case Study (Video - 22:25 minutes)
  • Foundations PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Heat loss to the ground PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Debevoise Hall Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 6 - Wall Approaches

Topics: Frame walls, Masonry walls, Interior and exterior strategies

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 54-57; 111-142; 158-162 (Text)
  • Frame Walls 1 (Video - 18:00 minutes)
  • Frame Walls 2 (Video - 14:42 minutes)
  • Masonry Walls (Video - 22:34 minutes)
  • RESOURCE - Impact of Insulation (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Spray Foam Resources (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - RR-1105 Internal Insulation of Masonry Walls (Resource)
  • Union Mill Case Study (Video - 06:41 minutes)
  • Frame Walls 1 DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Frame Walls 2 DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Masonry Walls DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Union Mill Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 7 - Windows

Topics: New windows, Storm windows, Window insulation, Installation

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 163-187 (Text)
  • Windows (Video - 38:54 minutes)
  • READING - Panflashing for Exterior Wall Openings (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Window Basics (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Cardinal Glass Low-e Specifications (Resource)
  • Martha's Vineyard Cottage Case Study (Video - 15:45 minutes)
  • Windows DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • MV Cottage Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 8 - Roofs and Ceilings

Topics: Vented attics, Cathedralized roof

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 45-53; 77-109 (Text)
  • Attics and Roofs (Video - 24:55 minutes)
  • READING - BSD-149 Unvented Roofs For All Climates (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - BA-1006 High R Value Roofs (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Lstiburek's Rules For Venting Roofs (Resource)
  • Union Square Case Study (Video - 15:31 minutes)
  • Attics and roofs DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Union Square Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 9 - HVAC and DHW

Topics: Selecting a system, Minisplit heat pumps, Heat pump water heaters

  • READING - DER Guide pgs. 14-30 (Text)
  • Ventilation Systems (Video - 26:40 minutes)
  • Heat and DHW Systems (Video - 29:37 minutes)
  • The Ins and Outs of Selecting Cold Climate Minisplit Heat Pumps (Video - 34:24 minutes)
  • READING - Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Review of Residential Ventilation Technologies (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - BSC Residential Ventilation Standard (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - HVI Directory of Ventilation Equipment (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - NEEP Cold Climate Heat Pump Specification (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Gary Klein Efficient Distribution of Hot Water (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Heat Pump Water Heaters Come of Age (Resource)
  • Island Cohousing Case Study (Video - 44:40 minutes)
  • Mechanical systems DER PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Island Coho Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Module 10 - Successful Deep Energy Retrofit Case Studies

This week we'll review case studies of successful DERs.

  • READING - Ten Steps to Deep Energy Reductions (Download .pdf)
  • Lights Appliances Monitoring (Video - 28:51 minutes)
  • RESOURCE - Introduction to the Thousand Home Challenge (Download .pdf)
  • RESOURCE - Energy Star Appliances (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Lighting Research Center (Resource)
  • RESOURCE - Bill McKibben New Yorker Article (Resource)
  • Rosenbaum Case Study Part 1 (Video - 26:24 minutes)
  • Rosenbaum Case Study Part 2 (Video - 40:51 minutes)
  • Lights Appliances Monitoring PV PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Rosenbaum 1 Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Rosenbaum 2 Case Study PDF (Download .pdf)
  • Take the quiz for this week and earn a passing score (Quiz)
Feedback and Additional Resources

This is our last module but you still have access to the all of course materials for 12 months (1 year), so keep working and you'll be able to complete the course at your own pace. After your year of access expires you can optionally extend access with a HeatSpring Membership. Enjoy the course and keep in touch!

  • 1 Year of Access to Course Materials (Text)
  • Feedback: 2-minute Exit Survey (Survey)
  • Consider Joining as a HeatSpring Member (Resource)
  • Certificate of Completion: Request a Certificate (Certificate)
Free Preview - Introduction to the Deep Energy Retrofits Course

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