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by Chris DeLise 02/13/2021

Excellent look at what you can do with an existing house in a cold climate. Lots of detail to ponder.

by Linda Spier, Homemaker 10/13/2020

I love Mark's attention to detail, and even though this was a brief overview of a DE retrofit, he gave me confidence that I am in good training hands, for instance, in mentioning the flashing and critter guard details at the bottom of the exterior-mounted trusses. Thank you, Heatspring, for making this a freebie.

by Ahmed Tijani, Project Manager- Renewable Energy, Sterling Bank Plc 07/01/2020

The case study is an eye-opener on how I can help Nigeria decrease her carbon footprint.

by Robert Barcena 05/19/2020


by saikiran muthyala 04/27/2020


by William Bates 04/23/2020


by Sean G 04/13/2020

by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to learn

by Ashley Kucko 03/18/2020

This is a great real life example of making green improvements to a home

by kevin krupa 02/13/2020

Must have video. All info in one place.

by thomas kleint, technology instructor, syosset csd 02/06/2019

Informative and empowering to meet energy efficiency needs of future home owners of the 21st century.

by Booma Jayapalan 11/27/2018

Case study demonstration was so good with hand drawing for easier understanding. Good Job, provide much more similar case study if possible in future.

by Eric Love, Owner, Truficient Energy Solutions 03/25/2018

This is a great quick overview of a deep energy retrofit. It gave me some ideas to research.

by Graham Macdonald 01/23/2018

This was one of the best simple informative qualitative and quantitative short videos on the deep E retrofit side of construction.

by Kevin O 05/28/2017

by Monroe Fritz 04/05/2017

Interesting, practical and very clear.

by Mashudu Libazo, Mechanical Desinger, Khatima Engineering Services 08/25/2016

Good Caurse

by Binod Sharma 07/16/2016

Yes, I learn more knowledge about the retrofit

by Muhammad Asaf, HVAC mechanical supervisor , SGH group at Batterjee Medical College 06/09/2016


by Dustin Denison, Applied Energy Innovations 03/25/2016

I would suggest this course to anyone interested or getting into deep energy retro fits

by Tim Coppinger, Owner, Coppinger builders 02/16/2016

This is a fantastic presentation that will inspire home owners to do the "next right thing" for our global communtity.

by pete prydybasz, Geothermal Manager, Lyon, Conklin & Co. Inc 12/15/2015

No Thank You

by Randall Jackson, Technical Manager, Jackson Power & Electric 12/03/2015

Informative story about a growing N. American need.

by Robert Lutey 11/17/2015

Marc touches upon most of the important considerations in this short case study and is engaging in the process. He left me, a novice in energy efficient building, wanting to continue my education for personal and professional reasons.

by Richard Meza 11/03/2015

Thank you! I have invested my career in Architecture and Project Management. Since 2009, I've added to the thrills, Energy Efficiency. Now I'm ready to rock the world! Thanks Heat Spring for these wonderful Courses!

by bruce leonard, principle, r80 home 10/20/2015


by Michael Butts 10/16/2015

This course is helping me with my degree in Applied Design Sciences and my future career in sustainable design. You have to see applications applied so you can understand how things work and the steps to completion and this series of videos showed additional information that I was not aware of like external insulating and solar and geothermal panel location and the differences but most importantly the almost 0 carbon foot print obtainable. The most interesting new product was the Wood Pulp Bricks that you can burn and how you can calculate the usage more accurately but using something that is measured in weight and burns efficiently.


yes can be recommended

by jungkeun cha, vp, susterra partners ltd 10/01/2015

good introduction

by Robert Heinlen, Retired 09/10/2015

It was worth my time

by Kannabiran Bhaktavatasla, consultant, Refrigeration consultant engineers 09/08/2015

enjoyed the course

by Raquel C 11/15/2022

by Addie H 10/01/2022

by Ali K 08/30/2022

by Joshua R 07/03/2022

by Joel R 05/04/2022

by Dominick D 04/17/2022

by amanda c 03/04/2022

by Peter A 02/19/2022

by Austin M 02/19/2022

by Chris H 09/20/2021

by Christian K 07/31/2021

by Hafiz Zafar S 06/23/2021

by Justin I 05/02/2021

by bryce m 03/09/2021

by Jamie E 03/06/2021

by Marlowe S 03/03/2021

by Ruth L 02/24/2021

by Faith T 02/23/2021

by Corey S 02/20/2021