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by Andre N 12/04/2023

by Adwoa Agyeiwaa A 12/02/2023

by Charles Nunya D 11/30/2023

by Darren Bishop 11/22/2023

Very enjoyable

by Jon M 10/17/2023

by Cevon B 10/11/2023

by Marcus F 09/08/2023

by Eslam A 08/31/2023

by Marisol G 07/13/2023

by Justin W 05/09/2023

by Dustin A 04/24/2023

by Mahmoud E 03/31/2023

by Nedicson S 03/27/2023

by Pedro E 03/24/2023

by Alejandro N 03/21/2023

by Messiah A 03/18/2023

by Sherri C 02/10/2023

by TIM R 01/23/2023

by David P 12/26/2022

by Lee M 10/06/2022

by Zaid S 09/24/2022

by Ernest C 07/28/2022

by Lamey F 04/21/2022

by Kapil J 11/12/2021

by Jehu Levian Victor J 11/10/2021

by Rahman Y 10/09/2021

by perumal a 05/19/2021


by samuel p 01/12/2021

by Vanessa G 12/08/2020

by Salmeen Ahmed B 11/18/2020

by Jonathan Mendez 07/26/2020

A good course to be taken together with Solar finance 101.

by Yalchin Elman Mammadov 07/05/2020

I really enjoyed hearing all the necessary information I needed from experts.

by Wyatt B 06/14/2020

by Nitesh Gurjar, HAPPY AT WORK: 10 DESIGN INTERVENTIONS FOR A BETTER WORKPLACE, Career po... 06/12/2020


by peter k 05/13/2020

by Nandini G 04/30/2020

by Logappa N 04/22/2020

by Isaac S 04/20/2020

by Sachin K 04/20/2020

by Jason E 03/25/2020

by Vincent S 03/23/2020

by David D 03/01/2020

by Jessica H 02/14/2020

by Jorge G 01/06/2020

by Henry Ejinwa 12/06/2019

Good course

by Sam Hill, Solar Project Developer, TMI Energy Solutions 11/19/2019

HeatSpring has been a great source in helping me familiarize myself with the commercial solar market.

by ODEGBARO O 10/18/2019

by TALWINDER S 10/09/2019

by Sunny N 09/23/2019

by Aldrich Reuel Raj R 09/16/2019

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