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by perumal a 05/19/2021


by Jonathan Mendez 07/26/2020

A good course to be taken together with Solar finance 101.

by Yalchin Elman Mammadov 07/05/2020

I really enjoyed hearing all the necessary information I needed from experts.

by Nitesh Gurjar, HAPPY AT WORK: 10 DESIGN INTERVENTIONS FOR A BETTER WORKPLACE, Career po... 06/12/2020


by Henry Ejinwa 12/06/2019

Good course

by Sam Hill, Solar Project Developer, TMI Energy Solutions 11/19/2019

HeatSpring has been a great source in helping me familiarize myself with the commercial solar market.

by TALWINDER S 10/09/2019

by Sunny N 09/23/2019

by Joel Nzima 03/29/2019

i enjoyed it and it great subjects

by Mohammad Giyahudeen Abdul Rasheed 09/14/2018


by Sheik Abdullah 08/17/2018


by ASAN MOHAMED REFAI. D 07/30/2018

Yes of course

by Victoria Castellon 06/22/2018

This free course helped me gain some confidence with key terminology that is specific to my industry which I did not have before.

by Jasen P 04/08/2018

Highly recommended.

by DON JULIEN 01/21/2018

If your looking at sustainable energy resources in any way it is advisable to study, as you were a sponge, all the courses offered by Heatspring

by Winnie Leku 04/06/2017

it is what all students out there need to be able to grow academically. check it out

by Ajay Renganathan 03/24/2017

Interesting course with a lot of different topics. Good course for anyone interested in getting a basic understanding in the financial aspects of solar.

by Fadel Khattab 01/21/2017

Microgrid Feasibility and Economics was so good

by Nawal Mishra, Director, Subham Solar Solution Pvt. Ltd 01/20/2017


by Darlington Ubek 09/09/2016

I recommend this course to anyone really interested in building a career in the solar energy business, whether as a developer, investor or EPC company. The information is invaluable. Thank you Heat Spring

by Godspower Okoli 09/08/2016

The course provided me with a great deal of insight to the industry.

by Rajat madan 05/18/2016

Covered all commercial topics with detailed examples.

by Zoltan Szasz, VP Technical Sales, Bahamas Energy & Solar Supplies 05/02/2016

I would take the full course if I was living in the US. I would recommend anyone working in those states where applicable to take the MBA course.

by Marlon McCubbin 03/24/2016

This course get you prepared for working in PV solar industry.

by Alejandro Martinez Steele, Commissioning Manager, Signal 03/04/2016

Intro to PPAs!

by albert ramos 02/20/2016

my view is it's a validation of what I already know from experience.

by Sinan Cao, Commercial Project Manager, American Solar Partners 02/16/2016

Overall, this course is helpful to someone with established technical skills set and only needed some information in regard to solar project development. It does not provide problem solving skills, which perhaps is not what this course intended to be in the first place.

by Miguel Angel Holguin Montaño 02/04/2016

This is an excellent course, if you want to learn about financial a Solar Project, this is the place

by Sanna Rosario Antonio, CEO, Phuket Solar co.,ltd 01/26/2016


by JC Uttaro, Executive VP sales & Mrkting, Bay State Solar 01/25/2016


by Peter Biondo 01/23/2016

Not knowing really anything about PPA's and solar financing structures, I found that I have some good basic knowledge I can take from here to learn more from future studies on the topic.

by Alan Simpson 01/10/2016

Good course for someone looking to gain some general knowledge about solar power.

by Anthony Orara 01/07/2016

The course gave me more than a basic understanding. there were lots of great advice and tips for me to use. I have no experience in the solar industry and I am grateful that I took this course.

by arthur mangwende, Chief Consultant, African Sky Technology 12/30/2015

I am now able to structure PPA's as well as explain the differences to anyone.Thank you

by David Rashidi 10/29/2015

I would recommend taking this course.

by Tony Tiyou, Director, O'wango & TT Smart Ltd 10/02/2015

I have enjoyed this and am grateful to be able to find online such a helpful platform where one could improve his knowledge on Solar business. I also particularly appreciate the accessibility to the instructors

by Stuart Munro, Manager, Commercial & Partner Development, Crius Energy, LLC 08/21/2015

Great free resource -- provides a solid insight into some of the key drivers of success in the mid tier C&I solar space.

by Mohammed Hussaini, CEO/MD, Copious Energy 08/21/2015

Greatly enjoyed the course and will surely recommend it to a couple of people as a first step towards understanding the Solar Energy Market 101

by Ariel Rodriguez, President, Authentic Trading Inc. 08/18/2015

It is truly exciting to find a place that shortens the learning curb as much as Heatspring does. Thanks

by 'Tunde Famuyiwa, Project Manager, Lagos Solar 08/10/2015

The Commercial Solar PPAs 101 course is a MUST if a full grasp on the financials involved in the deployment and operation of a Solar PPA is what you need. It was worth the while!

by Gabriel Ekabua, CEO, Riverbank Company Limited 08/06/2015

I enjoyed the course and the effective communication of the instructors. The course has enhanced my capacity in commercial solar PPAs. Thanks Heatspring. Gabriel Ekabua

by Marcus F 09/08/2023

by Eslam A 08/31/2023

by Marisol G 07/13/2023

by Justin W 05/09/2023

by Dustin A 04/24/2023

by Mahmoud E 03/31/2023

by Nedicson S 03/27/2023

by Pedro E 03/24/2023

by Alejandro N 03/21/2023

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