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by Ronald Sauve, Owner, Ronald Sauve 08/25/2019

Marc’s part is great!



by U Nyan Htun, Owner, Padaythar 07/17/2019

I will try after my completion of the course.

by Tianming Wu 07/14/2019


by Christina M 07/08/2019

by Martin Blacker 07/08/2019

I love what HeatSpring is doing by sharing these courses and studies that help further understand how a system with PV + Storage can help our customers reach a Net Zero reality.

by Omar Talib 07/04/2019

its very beneficial course

by Phool Singh Chauhan, Instrumentation Engineer, IIT Kanpur 07/02/2019

This course is very useful in understanding very important aspect in designing of renewable energy production and utilization system.

by Alvaro Silva 06/12/2019

Excellent course for students.

by Ditipriya B 06/12/2019

by Antawn Jackson 06/07/2019

The Course was great and filled with pertinent information. The course has highlighted some key areas for me to consider as I move forward in the industry.

by Marcos Carballo 05/28/2019

It was a great course it shows a lot of information and data for a better understanding of the topics.

by TALWINDER S 05/28/2019

by Abdelrahman A 05/16/2019

by Ankush Dubbewar 04/21/2019


by Pantuda Puthipiroj 03/31/2019

Very informative course.

by John Skog 03/18/2019

This is a fact based course that isn't full of hype or exaggerated promises. If you really want to understand the challenge of zero energy facilities/homes, here is great place to start.

by Joel Nzima 03/14/2019

can bring change

by ROLF B 03/11/2019

by Eoghain O'Horgain, Project Engineer, Ashleigh Environmental 03/07/2019

Great introduction to solar-PV + battery potential. Great visual learning aids with real data. Short but concise.

by Carol C 03/06/2019

by Fathi Mohammed AlGussi 02/16/2019

Its very very nice to improve my knowledge and acquire skills

by Emmanuel Charles 02/05/2019

I would like to encourage all PV designers and engineers to take the course

by Booma Jayapalan 01/29/2019

Very interesting , for beginners it definitely creates the interest towards the practical implementation.

by Robert Mellon 01/17/2019

The material is presented in a very informative and interesting format

by SOHAIL AHMED 10/01/2018

excellent course

by thomas c 09/24/2018

by Archie G 08/26/2018

by sumitha m 08/02/2018


by Chitrakala M 08/02/2018


by kavitha lakshmi 08/02/2018


by RAKESH KANNAN 08/02/2018


by kathirvel r 07/16/2018


by Urvesh Patel, Mr., Ahmedabad institute of technology 05/29/2018

yes i really enjoy the course contain and it really help to design system depend upon the weather condition and load management .

by Gowthamsankaran S 04/17/2018

by Sean Buckley, Owner, Harvest Sun Solar 04/05/2018

Nice applied science and research. Possibly non-practical thinking into the future, except that everything about solar ends up in the future and very soon and continuously… Ergo, maybe this is as practical as anything…

by Khemraz R 03/31/2018

by Perlito Rillorta 03/05/2018

These course adds up to my knowledge about energy

by Hafiz Zafar Sharif 02/18/2018

well explained material to think beyond Net Metering.

by Richard Dzubay 02/13/2018


by Ramesh Budarapu 01/31/2018

Don't wait, just take it



by Mrutyunjay das 12/26/2017

go through this course to obtain some basic fundamental and practical knowledge to become a PV professional.

by ohmer weeks 12/04/2017

peter presents his information succinctly and graphically, and explained exactly what the difference is between what you would call zero net energy, and actual zero energy, frankly I had no idea before I thought they were the same

by Paul L. Eck 11/28/2017

Good way to think about sizing p-v, storage and the importance of keeping seasonal loads to a minimum. Great comments about thermal solar and storage to use a hybrid approach to reach net-zero are included.

by Palpandian M 11/26/2017


by Dinesh Kannor, Manager (Technology) 11/25/2017


by mohammad al hemide 10/15/2017

it is helpful

by Gilbert West 08/05/2017

Great short course that helps you figure out the impact of battery storage on your grid consumption

by Gustavo Pacheco 07/26/2017

This was interesting for me to reinforce some concepts I thought I was forgetting