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by Allan P 02/01/2023

by Ammar A 01/23/2023

by Brenda H 01/10/2023

by Brian O 10/31/2022

by Rajesh L 07/25/2022

by Anna H 06/30/2022

by ABDESSAMAD A 06/03/2022

by Jonathan G 05/06/2022

by Joel R 05/04/2022

by Waled Yahya 04/30/2022

good course

by Lamey F 04/21/2022

by Tyler I 03/21/2022

by Rashaad E 02/18/2022

by Chaitanya T 01/29/2022

by Eric H 01/28/2022

by Terry M 01/27/2022

by matthew c 12/14/2021

by Nigel P 12/07/2021

by Matt N 12/01/2021

by Rosemary A 11/17/2021

by Tami S 11/03/2021

by Jehu Levian Victor J 11/02/2021

by Ahmed Zidan Hassan M 10/09/2021

by Bilel A 09/23/2021

by Yasir K 09/16/2021

by Carlos E 08/30/2021

by omotayo b 08/27/2021

by Prasad N 08/26/2021

by Shankar R 08/20/2021

by Sam M 08/10/2021

by Zaid S 08/09/2021

by Matthew I 08/04/2021

by Ismael M 07/30/2021

by mohammed a 07/27/2021

by Nicki B 07/23/2021

by William V 07/22/2021

by JP C 07/19/2021

by Omkar P 07/19/2021

by hosam a 06/27/2021

by Bill Wagner, Independent Consultant, Wagner Labs 06/21/2021

Great explanation of total system production capability (PV + Storage) and the challenges of load variation especially as it relates to heat (and cooling).

by Marcelo N 06/11/2021

by James M 06/11/2021

by Dana B 05/29/2021

by habiburahman qaderi 05/28/2021

Actually this course was very great for me coz I am student of renewable energy, so this course was very important for me I really need this course PDF.

by Chris J 05/24/2021

by alfredo palattao, engineer, commonwealth utilities corporation 05/13/2021

Very informative

by RJ C 05/09/2021

by Judson Brown, Mechanical Engineer, PE, Sandridge Partners, Energy Engineering 05/04/2021

I liked the spreadsheet model you developed based on your experience with PV generation in your own experience in the homes you have lived in and designed. Really powerful feedback from your own experience to development of better systems for houses.

by Jose H 05/03/2021

by Samuel T 05/01/2021