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by John Adams 01/24/2021

This course was a good overview of basic ventilation, moisture mitigation

by pat treadwell 01/14/2021

the illustrations were very detailed and note worthy

by Kerstin Armamento, VA 08/20/2020

I learned so much from this course it gives you more information about solar panels

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 06/10/2020

All Must Register this course

by Megan OConnor 05/22/2020

I already knew most of this stuff so it's hard for me to judge how this material would be picked up by other students who are new to the topics.

by Shubham Nayak 05/04/2020


by William Bates 04/22/2020


by Hubert Hogan 04/14/2020

I likehow each slide explain

by Donald Waymire 04/13/2020

This course helped me identify a few things that i was having some questions about. It also will help me identify more material when some of the crews that work for me ask questions as well.

by Sean G 04/09/2020

by Collin Taylor 03/28/2020

The video helps understand the pdf but if your not an auditory learner the pausing the video to read will help the power points is a lot more helpful

by Ashley Kucko 03/12/2020

This includes a great detail of information for anyone currently enrolled in HVAC courses

by Charles L 12/27/2019

by Steve Hicks 10/29/2019

See above



by Omar Talib 07/04/2019

really amazing course to who seeking for the principals of how to build the house as per the climate

by Aaron Taylor 06/25/2019

This certainly helped my understanding of ventilation and moisture transfer!

by Jody Fitzgerald, Construction Manager, Florida Home partnership 04/12/2019

Good class. Covered a lot of information and really points you in a direction for additional research.

by Joel Nzima 04/05/2019


by James Shaw 02/26/2019

Get a basic understanding of residential ventilation requirements by someone who works with this stuff.

by John S 02/25/2019

by Robert Mellon 12/21/2018

Very good information for anyone who wants to learn more about designing,building or marketing net zero energy homes.

by Christian Ramirez 12/11/2018

This course is really well made. I started off by knowing pretty much next to nothing about my ventilation system for the building I work in. I learned a lot of different things I didn't know, including why my building had this grid looking thing under the eaves of the roof. I never new that was for something I thought it was some sort of weird filter to filter out water from the roof before.

by Del I 11/11/2018


Very helpful for this course

by Chris Wanca 07/10/2018

This is very good for a free course!

by Nathan F 05/28/2018

by Carlos Chavez 01/23/2018

Great information and reliable source for those who are eager to learn how to make interior spaces more comfortable using more efficient systems

by Jamie Dumonceaux 12/31/2017

good place gain a basic understanding of these building systems

by jacob moriarty 12/09/2017


by Ben Rounseville 11/12/2017

Good easy to follow course

by Karl Peer 10/17/2017

This course will assist you in understanding wall assemblies, ventilation and the principles of thermodynamics and control freaks

by mohammad al hemide 10/15/2017

it is helpful

by thanooe paul 10/04/2017

its excellent

by Jerry W 09/12/2017

by Laine H 05/09/2017

by Richard Dunn 03/07/2017

You may not know as much as you think you do.

by Britt Farmer 02/23/2017

Really informative class. It gave me insight on what to look for when looking at the buildings that I maintain.

by Saeed Mahmood Gul Khan, senior engineer, nespak 01/26/2017


by Fadel Khattab 01/20/2017

I did enjoyed the course as got what I've expected from it

by Shane Carlson 11/16/2016

definitely worth the time. I will be better informed when dealing with HVAC designers

by Jake Vaughan 08/24/2016

I recommend this course to anyone looking to get down the basics of building enclosure and ventilation.

by raysho robinson, hvac service tech, na 08/17/2016


by Davin Stitgen, Owner, Lot 19 Engineers 06/22/2016

No Thanks.

by Brian Alexander 06/12/2016

I like how everyone gets involved and helping each other out. Make learning so much fun

by Cydney Palmer 05/18/2016

I enjoyed the course it was very helpful and I would recommend it to others

by Jeffrey Delgado 04/19/2016

Everybody is encouraged to take the course.

by Emmanuel Tlatelpa 04/04/2016


by Frank Mackenzie, HVAC TECHNICIAN, CRS INC. 03/22/2016

This course was very helpful & provided a great deal of information to better help understand the topics and calculate estimates, savings, etc.

by Ronald Pokrak 03/16/2016

Great overview. This is helping a lot with the design of our retirement home...