A Complete Guide to Geothermal Tax Incentives - Self Study


Author: Charles Goulding

Subjects: Renewable HVAC: Geothermal

Length: 2 modules

Student Rating

Rating: 9.1/10
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01/02/2019 - Korey F.

Rating: 10/10

this was great and learning about tax incentives will help your customers obtain credits they deserve

06/14/2018 - Tom S.

Rating: 10/10

Great course and excellent introduction to the available incentives that may be the driving force behind a client choosing to go with or without this renewable energy option.

11/06/2017 - Paul N.

Rating: 10/10

Keep reaching for the next goal, the next step to where you want to be! You have to start somewhere!!

11/06/2016 - Alireza B.

Rating: 8/10

Off course

12/10/2015 - Khurram M.

Rating: 9/10


10/23/2015 - khurram m.

Rating: 8/10

Tax incentives are inevitable for any investor specially Geothermal investors.

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