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by Moses Zhou 06/16/2022

It was an honor to take a course with the greatest snowboarder of all time

by Jonathan Golebiewski 04/23/2022

Sean did a great job and I was able to gain a ton of new information.

by Talon Montoya, Account Manager, Longhorn Solar 04/20/2022

I work around other solar professionals and whenever they would see or hear the content I was learning or I would share my thoughts experience, they would literally verbalize their admiration and jealousy that they did not get to take this course as their NABCEP prep

by Timothy J Zinniel, President/CEO, Zinniel Electric Co. 03/31/2022

I would recommend this course to snyone who wants a jump-start in their PV career!

by Vincent B 07/12/2022

by Rex G 04/06/2022

by Rald D 03/26/2022

by John A 03/07/2022

by Lyanne V 03/01/2022

by John C 02/25/2022

by Chris Y 02/23/2022

by Jim Donlan 11/12/2022

Great course, very thorough.

by Zahi Baroudi, Construction Advisor, GIZ 11/08/2022

Perfect course to acquire a solid base and technical practicality on PV systems. Great instructor with high skills in explanation.

by John Watts, Sr. Supervisor of Energy Services, EPB of Chattanooga 11/01/2022

Sean really made the calculations part of the course very easy to understand.

by Mohamed Samura, Field Metering Engineer, Energicity dba Power Leone 09/13/2022

Before doing this course, I did not much about work safety but having gone through this course I saw the emphasis on safety and the need to apply it in every work environment. So going forward safety is one thing I will consider in every workspace

by Mohammed Mohammed, Solar & Storage Systems Engineer 08/21/2022

Sean's ability to communicate with everyone in all of his courses amazes me

by Jarrod Starr, Solar Business Development Manager, Third Sun Kokosing Solar 08/10/2022

Sean's an excellent communicator on all things solar! Whether you're looking to get a foot hold in the industry or advance your career, I highly recommend taking one of Sean's Heatspring courses! I feel more confident in my knowledge and the ability to more effectively communicate the basics of solar PV!

by Matt Votoupal 07/13/2022

Instructor was fun and kind. Always messaging back on discussion board posts makes it feel more like a conversation and less of a task

by Christopher Knight, Deputy Operations Manager, Synaptic Solar & Dynamic SLR 04/14/2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the content of this course and believe I have expanded my knowledge base in the field of PV. Sean was very informative and interactive in the discussion boards. How he can find the time to answer questions I know he's fielded a million times in a personalized tone is beyond me and highly appreciated.

by Ryon Hayman, President, OnSite Energy, Inc. 06/02/2021

I would recommend this course to anyone in the industry trying to understand how PV works.

by Cheska B 11/22/2022

by Gabriel E 11/18/2022

by Sydney B 11/16/2022

by Bruce S 10/30/2022

by Ryan H 10/26/2022

by Kelli P 10/25/2022

by Phillip C 10/21/2022

by Griffin B 10/14/2022

by Tyler I 10/10/2022

by Jake S 09/19/2022

by Christopher O 09/14/2022

by Sherwin J 09/10/2022

by emmanuel b 09/08/2022

by Jerome P 09/07/2022

by Harold R 08/31/2022

by Henry P 08/10/2022

by Caleb C 08/09/2022

by Nick M 08/02/2022

by Ian E 07/24/2022

by James W 07/15/2022

by Johanna E 07/03/2022

by Leonardo U 06/09/2022

by Cody O 06/01/2022

by Justin A 05/27/2022

by Joshua R 05/26/2022

by Richard C 05/21/2022

by Yvan M 05/19/2022

by Eric W 05/16/2022

by Kenna R 04/29/2022

by Abegail C 04/19/2022