Tripper Gawan

Director Of Operations, G1 Solar
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Throughout my professional journey, I've played a central role in steering transformative initiatives and fostering collaborative environments that drive organizational growth. Notably, I've demonstrated a strategic approach to evolving companies, optimizing project lifecycle management processes, and fostering valuable relationships with stakeholders from all positions. I have grown my solar career starting from a boots on the ground installer/electrician to an Operations Manager within 10 months and held leadership roles as a Director, VP, Senior Executive, and COO.

In one role, I spearheaded the transformation of a company from a sales-focused entity into a construction powerhouse, achieving a substantial increase in valuation within a short timeframe. My contributions included the redesign and implementation of comprehensive project lifecycle management processes, from CRM and safety to site survey, procurement, installation, quality assurance and day to day employee management. I also excelled in establishing and developing human resources functions, CRM/standards requirements and strategically managing relationships with manufacturing, logistic, and regulatory entities.

In another capacity, I pioneered the development of a robust quality assurance program, setting new industry standards for installation and quality that are still in use by SEIA to this day. Leading a cross-functional team, I implemented detailed inspection protocols, emphasizing reporting, analytics, and continuous improvement. My strategic vision extended to shaping the company's future focus, emphasizing high inspection pass rates, functional systems, and optimized funding. Additionally, I successfully managed the field safety culture, nation wide training for all field positions all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

In a different chapter of my career, as a Chief Operations Officer, I showcased versatility by establishing and cultivating customer relationships, implementing efficient accounting systems, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. I maintained a steadfast commitment to the company's mission and values, ensuring regulatory compliance, profitability, and an exceptional customer experience.

Throughout my career, I've consistently demonstrated an ability to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and foster collaborative environments, contributing to the overall success and growth of the organizations I've been part of.

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