Tom Rossmassler - Chief Embodied Officer, HempStone, LLC

Tom is on a quest to create radically responsible architecture. He began HempStone in 2018 after earning a Sustainable MBA. Tom’s research focused on the creation of a regional industrial hemp processing facility in New England.

Tom concurrently serves as CEO of Energia, a worker-owned cooperative specializing in building performance services that he started in 2009. Energia provides energy-efficiency solutions for the residential, multifamily, commercial, municipal and institutional sectors. Energia also participates in multiple utility, municipal and state initiative programs to improve the energy efficiency of our building stock.

In addition to business acumen, Tom has a deep understanding of the construction and real estate industries, experience with commercial real estate acquisitions and development, sustainable construction, and renewable energy, and has built a career specializing in green housing and renewable energy.

Based in New England, HempStone is helping build carbon-beneficial infrastructure through consultation, construction, supply, and training services for hempcrete and other natural building systems. HempStone conducts research and testing of local materials and partners with farmers, processors, and manufacturers to helps bring carbon-storing solutions to market. HempStone is proud to serve as a critical connector, operating collaboratively throughout our growing network to drastically reduce the carbon emissions of buildings.

Tom Rossmassler teaches:

Hempcrete 101: Back to the Future for Natural, Carbon-Beneficial Buildings

Ready to put your specification where your aspiration is? Take a deep dive into the rich world of carbon-beneficial materials and help lead our industry in responsible design and construction solutions.

Hempcrete 201: Take It to the Next Level with a Natural, Carbon-Beneficial Material

Join the growing community of radically responsible industry stewards using Hempcrete, a bio-composite material created from the woody core of the hemp plant combined with a lime-based binder.