Shayan Razaghy

Shayan Razaghy started his long journey to become a great instructor, exactly the first year he graduated from college. He started teaching to students only few years younger than himself at the same school he himself studied.
He has more than 3 years of professional experience in solar (photovoltaic) industry including both technical engineering and project management tasks in several projects in MENA region. Gradually he started establishing and defining some practical hands-on training courses in different titles such as :

• Designing photovoltaic power plants (residential and utility-scale)
• Hands-on installation of solar photovoltaic power plants
• Market analysis and technology development inspection in PV indstry
• Operation & maintenance (O&M) of PV plants
• Site selection in residential plants
• SWOT analysis of utility-scale PV plants
• Common failures in solar modules
• Designing stand-alone solar systems
• Marketing & sales fundamentals in PV industry
• Designing photovoltaic power plants via softwares (PVsyst & PVsol)
• …

In many face-to-face and also online courses, because he believes in order to assist development trend of clean and renewable energy in developing countries and push them forward not to miss the high pace of global development, the initial step is capacity-building and training experts among the locals.
Following this mission he soon found himself in the celebration ceremony of his 1000th student in PV industry (both face-to-face & online).
Shayan is one of the youngest instructors on heatspring, 26 years old, and wishes to develop new and informative courses in the near future.

Shayan Razaghy teaches:

Designing a residential PV plant with PVsol Software