Roy Collver - President, OTBC Inc

Hydronics Specialist / Educator, Class 1 Gas-Fitter and Illustrator, Roy has applied his creative force and problem solving abilities toward the improvement of hydronics in North America for over 35 years. His varied experience at the very cutting edge of new development in hydronics has allowed him to apply his unique knowledge and skill set toward becoming a premier “translator” of new technology to a traditionally conservative and slow-to-change Industry. His training is up-to-date, comprehensive, and entertaining. After ten years at the top level of his trade “on the tools," Roy worked closely with many eminent design and application engineers on new and innovative products—from initial concept to final production and marketing. Working in the very “inner sanctums” of these most progressive companies; he was a key partner in helping them design and bring to market, many game-changing hydronics products. He produced many outstanding training programs along with the technical and promotional materials needed to explain the effective application of these new products in the real world.

Roy Collver teaches:

How to Design and Sell Mod-Con Boilers

Enroll in this free course and learn the basic economics of mod-con boilers in retrofit and new construction applications. It will teach you what you need to know to start selling this equipment more effectively.

Multiple Mod-con Boiler Concepts

In this free lecure, Roy Collver examines important details you should know when combining two or more boilers into a single heating plant. He covers applications from large residential, up to bigger commercial and institutional systems.