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Mathy Mpassy Isinki - Principal Consultant, Energy One Africa

Mathy Mpassy Isinki, is an Off-grid Energy Solutions Technical Sales professional, an IEEE Smart Village Ambassador and an experienced Solar Energy Instructor. For ten years Mathy worked tirelessly to improve energy access for communities in Burundi, South Sudan, Rwanda and DR Congo. As both a challenge and an opportunity, Mathy demonstrated skills beyond his technical field in terms of project management, and the situation afforded him a chance to train and to efficiently build capacities in those he served. He takes a kin interest in understanding the real need of the communities he serves, especially their vital need for affordable energy. He believes that Energy Solution is the path to a better future for Off-grid communities. His unique set of skills makes him a valuable asset for all his employers. In 2010, he designed and conducted the solar electrification of Gasorwe and Bwagiriza refugee camps. Since 2012, Mathy works as an independent consultant, training off grid solar companies staff in DR Congo and Rwanda. As a consultant, he also provides his expertise to off grid solar businesses to develop projects, size and conduct systems installations. During his most recent project (Oct- Dec 2016), thanks to his technical sales expertise and his extensive connections, Mathy brought local suppliers together and allowed 60 teachers households in Goma to access SHS through a rent-to-ownership scheme.

Mathy is teaching: