Mathy Mpassy Isinki

Founder, Energy One Africa
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Mathy is the founder of Energy One Africa, a company founded with the goal of giving energy access to underserved low income consumers via pay-as-you-go. Energy One Africa's subscribers own a solar lamp after its full payment through small increments equivalent to their current kerosene lighting expense. Energy One Africa plans to reach 33000 subscribers in the rural Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) between 2017 and 2019. Mathy is also an IEEE Smart Village Ambassador, D-Prize winner and Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

For ten years Mathy worked tirelessly to improve energy access for communities in Burundi, South Sudan, Rwanda and DR Congo. As both a challenge and an opportunity, Mathy demonstrated skills beyond his technical field in terms of project management, and the situation afforded him a chance to train and to efficiently build capacities in those he served. He takes a kin interest in understanding the real need of the communities he serves, especially their vital need for affordable energy. He believes that Energy Solution is the path to a better future for Off-grid communities.

His unique set of skills makes him a valuable asset for all his employers. In 2010, while employed in Burundi, he designed and conducted the solar electrification of Gasorwe and Bwagiriza refugee camps. The project consisted in designing and building 60 public lighting points, electrifying 12 classrooms, offices, and ONPRA residences (Burundian authority in charge of refugee affairs).

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