Margo Valdes - Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Comfort, Inc.

Margo Valdes is a Senior Project Manager at Sustainable Comfort, Inc. with offices in Worcester, MA & Syracuse, NY. Margo has worked for over 10 years in the building performance industry providing consulting and certifications for new and existing buildings. After working on thousands of new construction units, Margo has found her passion working on existing buildings, helping them better serve their occupants and be more affordable and durable.

Living in New England, specifically Worcester, Margo is a lover of old buildings (especially brick mixed-use multifamily) and can talk for hours about the beauty and comfort of steam heating systems. She's also an advocate for having a walkable lifestyle and designing our communities to reduce car dependence.

Margo’s educational background includes a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Physics from Clark University in Worcester, MA. She has completed many trainings over the years including coursework in Life Cycle Analysis of Building Materials at the Boston Architectural College and the Heatspring Zero Net Energy Homes course.

Margo Valdes teaches:

Scalable Multifamily Retrofits: Case Studies from Energiesprong & Two US Practitioners

The session will provide an introduction to standardized retrofits for multifamily housing, an overview of the best practices in Europe, and the practical implementation in the US market.