Kerim Baran

Founder, SolarAcademy & CivicSolar
1 course
4.7 average rating
135 students


Kerim Baran is the founder of SolarAcademy. Kerim is also a serial entrepreneur, investor, and company builder who has built and sold leading technology and solar businesses.

Prior to founding SolarAcademy, Kerim co-founded, helped build and sell, a leading solar equipment distributor which helped thousands of solar companies get started in solar between 2009 and 2019. You can hear more details about his background here.

During his tenure with CivicSolar, Kerim also invested in and co-developed a number of utility-scale solar farms. Kerim is also Managing Director at Enki Solar, an investment firm focused on investing in Solar SaaS companies and acquiring solar and advanced energy assets yielding steady returns.

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