Ken Lovorn, P.E. - President, Lovorn Engineering Associates

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Ken has forty-five years of progressive design and engineering management experience with architect-engineers and consulting engineers designing electrical systems. As President of Lovorn Engineering Associates (LEA), Ken emphasizes the thorough evaluation of alternative design approaches and how to achieve equivalent compliance with the applicable Codes and Standards, all with a critical eye toward maintaining the best value for the client’s dollar.

During Ken’s career, he has designed virtually every type of commercial, institutional, educational and light industrial facility. He is a nationally recognized expert in the solution of harmonic related operational problems, with a special emphasis in the health care environment.

Ken Lovorn, P.E. teaches:

Electrical Design for Motors

Learn all of the skills necessary to design branch circuits for motors. Master single and three phase induction motors, elevator motors, fire pumps, and refrigeration motors. You will also learn the National Electrical Code (NEC) criteria.

Basic Electrical Single Line Calculations

A comprehensive cookbook approach to sizing panels, transformers, circuit breakers, feeders, conduit, switchboards, and incoming service conductors for any electrical distribution, no matter how large or small.