Keith Perry - Managing Member, Hudson Valley Drones

Keith Perry is the owner and lead drone operator at Hudson Valley Drones.

While operating in the UAV space for nearly half a decade, he’s built and maintained a successful drone services company in Upstate New York. Prior to his immersion into the UAV market, he pursued and operated successful ventures in the HVAC and insurance industries.

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College, he is also a Part 107 Certificate holder and Certified Level 1 sUAS Thermographer through FLIR's ITC. He has extensive experience operating the Inspire 2 and Matrice 210 platforms with both RGB and thermal sensors, and is proficient in precision mapping using ground control points and data processing in DroneDeploy and Pix4D.

Keith Perry teaches:

Solar + Drones: Site Surveying and 3D Mapping around Trees

This free drone course was developed in partnership with Hudson Valley Drones, Northwest Drone Pros, and Scanifly to address the #1 challenge for new drone operators.

Solar + Drones: Managing Lighting, Exposure & Glare in Your Imagery

A Guide for Optimizing Your Drone Imagery for Solar Projects