John Glassmire - HOMER Energy

John Glassmire has extensive experience in the modeling and design of both distributed and traditional energy supply systems. He has led and worked on a wide-variety of energy research and consulting projects including cost-to-society environmental and economic impacts of clean energy technologies for grid planning, integrated resource planning for energy infrastructure, ex-post financial analysis of demand management programs, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks for energy efficiency and distributed energy programs. John’s recent focus has been in the analysis of diverse distributed generation technologies in both microgrid and large-scale power systems. He has conducted research into smart grid technologies, with a focus on the impact of renewable technologies. John has performed extensive electrical grid modeling for systems ranging from small isolated systems, to Pacific and Caribbean islands, to US and Australian interconnected grid systems. John has led training workshops on the technical hurdles for integrating technologies into electrical grids for clients worldwide.

John's undergraduate background is in mechanical engineering. After earning his BS from Rice University and his Masters from Northwestern University, he worked for 2 years at Sargent & Lundy, a major energy design and consulting firm in the US. Subsequently, John worked as a consultant in energy and water infrastructure at the Institute for Sustainable Futures in Sydney, Australia.

John is also a passionate advocate for the engineering profession, and has extensive experience as a volunteer and leader with Engineers Without Borders in the USA and Australia. John has functional proficiency in 4 languages -- English (fluent), Spanish, French and German.

John Glassmire teaches:

Economic Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Microgrids Using HOMER Pro

This free course shows you how to use HOMER software to simulate microgrid performance. A free 30-day trial of HOMER software and a walk-through of several real examples is also included.