Jacob Racusin - Managing Partner, New Frameworks Natural Design/Build

Jacob Deva Racusin is co-owner of New Frameworks Natural Design/Build, offering services in green remodeling, new construction, consultation, and education featuring low-impact high-performance building technologies. Through his work as a designer, builder, consultant, and educator, Jacob is able to merge his passions for fine craft, ecological stewardship, relationship to place, and social justice. Jacob is Program Director of the Certificate in Building Science and Net Zero Design at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School, and is a BPI-certified contractor and Certified Passive House Consultant. Jacob is the author of the books Essential Building Science, and The Natural Building Companion which he co-authored with Ace McArleton. An active member of the Embodied Carbon Network’s Renewable Materials Task Force, Jacob has been active in introducing sustainability measures into building codes, including the IRC and the Vermont Residential Building Energy Standard.

Jacob Racusin teaches:

Embodied Carbon in Materials: Real Steps to Drawing Down Carbon in our Buildings

Learn concrete tools and answers on how to draw down carbon in our buildings starting today. We’ll focus on low-rise buildings, where most new construction and renovations happen and which are currently under-represented in embodied-carbon design