David Williams - Northwest Drone Pros

David Williams is an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot and the owner/operator of Northwest Drone Pros. He also currently works as a Technical Advisor at the PACCAR Technical Center. His previous experience includes positions as an Automation Technician, setting up communication equipment in the oilfields of Colorado; and as an Equipment Engineer at Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley, automating processes in the Model S and Model X lines. David holds degrees in Instrumentation and Operations Management, and is a licensed electrician. Always fascinated with flight, when presented with the chance to combine a hobby with a business, he went for it! David has flown dozens of surveys for Scanifly in the Pacific Northwest.

David Williams teaches:

Solar + Drones: Site Surveying and 3D Mapping around Trees

This free drone course was developed in partnership with Hudson Valley Drones, Northwest Drone Pros, and Scanifly to address the #1 challenge for new drone operators.