Courtney Cosgriff

Honeybee Herbals
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Courtney is a beekeeper, clinical herbalist, gardener, and activist. Courtney began her path with the honeybees in 2011 at the age of 18. Since then, Courtney has dedicated much of her life to working with the bees and being a voice and activist for them in these uncertain times. Courtney spent many years studying and apprenticing with various beekeepers until forming her own path and relationship to the bees centered around a deep reverence for the bees and a desire to keep them in a way that honors their true nature. Courtney has traveled the world exploring beekeeping and the various cultural and spiritual traditions surrounding it, giving her a diverse lens into the vast world that is beekeeping. Courtney is also passionate about activism and education on behalf of pollinator conservation. She has been an educator and has worked on many projects on behalf of pollinator conservation in Colorado since beginning her path. Courtney launched her business Honeybee Herbals in 2017 where she combines her work with the bees with her work with the plants. She is deeply passionate about sharing the wisdom and magic of bees and plants with the world.

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