Chris Brown - Director of Business Development , Aypa Power

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Chris Brown is passionate about the renewable energy and enthusiastic about sustainable solutions through technology and innovation. After completing his undergraduate education at the University of Massachusetts, Chris entered technical sales of renewable energy products 2006 with a focus on off grid renewable energy projects around the world. Several years later, while working for Kyocera he shifted focus to grid connected commercial and utility scale solar project development. Chris joined Panasonic in 2016 and helped to launch two new product lines (high efficiency solar panels and lithium-ion stationary storage systems) and create a ground up sales channel for the Eco Solutions division. In 2018, Chris joined the team at Stem to develop commercial and utility scale energy storage systems controlled by Stem’s Athena artificial intelligence platform. At present Chris is kicking off a new venture developing and acquiring solar plus storage projects in North America for a newly formed IPP backed by the Blackstone Group.

With over fourteen years of experience in renewable energy sales and business development, Chris is excited to share his knowledge of solar and energy storage systems. Chris lives in suburbs of Boston with his wife Julie, young daughter Izzy and old dog Baxter.

Chris Brown teaches:

35-Hour NABCEP Advanced Solar Plus Storage: Proposals and Planning

What you need to know to write proposals for Commercial and Industrial Utility Grade Energy Storage. Beginning with an overview of the current available technologies the course focuses on planning Commercial, Industrial and Utility applications.

Why Solar Plus Storage?

Why is everyone talking about solar + storage as a business opportunity? Expert instructors Chris LaForge and Chris Brown discuss the importance of Solar + Storage, why it makes sense as a business case and why it is needed NOW.