Carol Venolia

Architect and Domestic Nature Goddess, Come Home to Nature

In my quest to understand how to have the best of nature and indoor living, I became an architect and spent over twenty years designing homes that nurture people and the planet via natural lighting, heating, and cooling and the joys of garden rooms.

I also brought my insights to a wider audience by writing two books:
Healing Environments: Your Guide to Indoor Well-Being (1988, Tenspeed/Celestial Arts), and
Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House (Sterling/Lark, 2006, with Kelly Lerner).
penning the “Design for Life” column in Natural Home & Garden Magazine for over 9 years;
giving lectures and workshops all over North America;
heading up a college program in Ecodwelling. Through these activities, I’ve learned a lot about people’s hunger for nature.