Brian Just - Manager, Engineer, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Brian manages a team of Efficiency Vermont's residential energy consultants and works on a variety of energy efficiency initiatives at VEIC. He holds degrees from the University of British Columbia (MASc, Mechanical Engineering) and the University of Minnesota (BME, Mechanical Engineering). He is Passive House and LEED AP accredited, and currently serves as president of the Vermont Green Building Network. Brian is committed to serving the residential design and construction community as its members pave the way to a future of highly efficient--but also healthy, durable, and comfortable--homes.

Brian Just teaches:

Finally Fossil-Fuel-Free: Air-to-Water Heat Pump & Ventilation Retrofit

Air-to-water heat pumps have generated a lot of excitement for their enormous retrofit potential. This case study details one home’s retrofit to an AWHP system, which was developed by hydronics experts to be simple and repeatable.