Alex Sparrow - Director, UK Hempcrete

Alex Sparrow is recognized globally as an expert on hempcrete construction. A director at UK Hempcrete, he co-authored The Hempcrete Book, published in 2014 and still the definitive guide to this remarkable building material. Alex speaks at events and provides training and consultancy world-wide for others wanting to use hempcrete.

Alex Sparrow teaches:

Hempcrete 101: Back to the Future for Natural, Carbon-Beneficial Buildings

Ready to put your specification where your aspiration is? Take a deep dive into the rich world of carbon-beneficial materials and help lead our industry in responsible design and construction solutions.

Hempcrete 201: Take It to the Next Level with a Natural, Carbon-Beneficial Material

Join the growing community of radically responsible industry stewards using Hempcrete, a bio-composite material created from the woody core of the hemp plant combined with a lime-based binder.