Albert Koenig - Engineering Consultant

Albert Koenig is a Ph.D. in physics with 35 years of engineering work experience in renewable energy development. He has worked for General Electric Co., Advanced Energy Programs, Chloride Silent Power (UK), Ben Franklin Technology Partners (PA) and American Refining & Biochemical, and along the way started two companies: Silent Power Systems (battery energy storage) and ARBgeowell (improved geothermal loop product).

Al has worked at the forefront of renewable energy development, including high temperature solar concentrators, the first 0.5 MWe wind turbine, high energy density battery development, and geo-exchange technology.

Al is a HeatSpring instructor for Standing Column Well Design, and has appeared as an in-person HS instructor for courses conducted in MA, NJ and PA. He is currently an adjunct professor of physics-engineering at West Chester University in PA.

His skills and expertise include: design & construction of passive solar residence (1985), heat transfer & thermodynamics, energy modeling & simulation, broad knowledge of physics, electro-chemistry and electronics, advanced materials/nanotechnology, NSF Phase II SBIR reviewer, licensed private pilot, licensed amateur radio operator (K3JDH) and more.

His memberships & chairmanships include: National Ground Water Association (NGWA), Am. Soc. of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Association of Energy Engineers, Greater Philadelphia Chapter (GPAEE), Board Member: the Sustainable Energy Fund (SDF), Chairman: Chester County Area Airport Authority (MQS), and Director: the Emily Koenig Memorial Fund at Philadelphia Foundation.

Albert Koenig teaches:

Geothermal Standing Column Well Design

Standing Column Wells have been the heat exchanger of choice in the Northeast U.S. for years, but there's concern about the reliability and environmental impact of these systems. This course uses data to teach proper design of Standing Column Wells.

Geothermal HVAC Design: From Building Loads to Bore Field Design

Learn Geothermal HVAC Design fundamentals, with emphasis on building load (residential, commercial and institutional) development, leading to bore field specification from industry legend Al Koenig.