Alaeddine Mokri - Director of Digital Products, Village Power

Alaeddine Mokri loves solving complex clean energy problems by building powerful software solutions. He has built software at the entire solar value chain from investigating how atoms inside the solar cell interact with sunlight, to inventing new solar cell structures, to manufacturing and testing them, to making mobile apps for mounting the panels correctly, all the way to deploying fully integrated software platforms for financing solar energy projects and monitoring them throughout their lifetime.

Alaeddine also worked on a wide variety of applications spanning the deployment of solar cells on NASA's smallest satellite ever, to sketching a national strategy for the United Arab Emirates to become a solar based economy, all the way to building wireless chargers for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

His work has been praised internationally: Best Research Award at 2 International Conferences, Middle-East Solar Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, IEEE Made in UAE Award, Intel Challenge Award, etc including winning several hackathons and mentions in several newspapers. I published more than 20 academic papers, filed 2 US patents and deployed many software products to tackle various problems in the clean energy industry.

Alaeddine Mokri teaches: