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by CHRIS KOKARAS 12/14/2020

I really thing everybody sould attend it.

by Andrew Toutant 07/23/2020


by Jacob Wolff 06/08/2020

Thank you. This class was great.

by Stephen Cannon 06/03/2020

this site is amazing, they have very detailed classes that are self paced and the material is very easy to understand.

by Harry Block 05/06/2020

It’s easy to learn on this site

by Shubham Nayak 05/01/2020


by Leroy Childress, Director of Housing Services, Tri County Community Action Agency, Inc 04/23/2020

This was very help and I can use what I learned for my future training.

by Yonathan Shashore 04/23/2020

Was a good course for beginners or people a year in .

by rathnavel A 04/18/2020


by Carole Furman 04/15/2020

Liked knowing when to use the ZPD tool.

by Donald Boyd 04/13/2020

this course will give you a sound base for zonal testing methods

by BRIAN TREANOR 04/10/2020 sat through in class presentations multiple times for ZPD . This was at my pace and repetition gives me a better understanding with REd calc and precedure

by Kyle McDonald 04/08/2020

Watch the videos, maybe watch them twice. Limit distractions while watching.

by Noah Gonzalez 04/08/2020

Great class to help with additional training on zonal pressures

by Dick Runyon 04/08/2020

Very helpful way to understand pressure differences.

by Sean G 04/08/2020

by Jared Newman 04/08/2020


by Joseph S 04/08/2020

by William Ward 04/08/2020

This is a very user friendly training on ZPD and excellent instructions on using the RED ZPD Calculation Tool. Between one and ten, I give this training a ten and will recommend to my fellow Co-Workers.

by David Fisher 04/08/2020

This is a tool that takes out some of the mystery in air leakage and provides a level of confidence that the best job was done on a project.

by Keith Bernard, Quality Control Inspector, Hanac Weatherization 04/07/2020

Neatly presented, and allowing use of a recording tool for storage of pertinent information.

by Hubert Hogan 04/07/2020

Ilike what was said and presentation

by Mark Juslen, Energy Auditor , Advocap 04/07/2020

This course explains the basics of zone pressure diagnostic testing and provides more technical information that can be useful to crew members, supervisors and auditors alike.

by Josh N 04/07/2020

by MARK DALTON 04/06/2020

Listen closely.

by Josh Hirtreiter 04/06/2020

Great online learning experience and very useful for anyone in the field of Weatherization.

by mohan gurung 04/04/2020


by Takisha Adams 04/03/2020

The course was very informative and allowed me to not only read but have a visual of the information being presented

by Anthony Bonavita 04/02/2020

it was good, just to long of videos that drug out longer then necessary, but all in all a great 1st session.

by Victor Butler 04/01/2020

I really would like to for other people to take the text it’s very knowledgeable

by Dan Perambo 04/01/2020

Very informative!

by Roger Strickfaden 04/01/2020

This was as close to hands on as you can get without being in the field. I would highly recommend all Auditors and QCI take this course.

by Russ Mencl 04/01/2020

I thought the course was easy to pay attention to, just the right time of videos. Teacher was extremely knowledgeable.

by Jonathan H 03/31/2020

by James Duncan 03/31/2020

Great course, easy to understand and follow along.

by Ryan TenNapel 03/31/2020

Good refresher for myself

by Henry Simon 03/30/2020

The course helped me to understand the reason for ZPD on the homes.

by Merredith Plante 03/30/2020

This course was presented as if you already have a basic understanding of zonal pressure diagnostics, very informative! I liked how the video instruction worked with the RED calculations for ZPD and explained what the results of the testing means.

by josh sebo 03/30/2020

good course

by Brian Rice 03/30/2020

The course will give you results on how much leakage there is from one zone to another to help you better understand where you need to air seal.

by Denis Lalonde 03/29/2020

Very helpful!

by William Bates 03/26/2020

Just learning but seems good

by cody isaacs 03/26/2020


by Gary Pivarnick 03/24/2020

this was a very interesting course, as a energy auditor we don't do tests like this but I would highly recommend it to anyone who has bpi b.a and envelope certifications great course! Gary P

by Craig W 03/24/2020

by Christopher Aguiar 03/23/2020

Rick Karg's course on "Zone Pressure Diagnostics" is a great first step on getting exposed to an overall understanding of the science and tools required to find a buildings "Precise Leak Detection" and how to determine a buildings inadequacies!!!

by eddie groover 03/23/2020


by Alex Y 03/19/2020

by BOB G 03/18/2020

by Larry Fitch III, Housing Specialist , Community Action Allegan 12/23/2019

i enjoyed the course, the instructor made to sure to cover all the basis on the subject discussed and left me with a great understanding of ZPD. I give this course two thumbs up.

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