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by Samuel Manning 11/12/2022

I enjoyed that I was able to explore building science concepts and net-zero applications at my own pace. The course covered a wide variety of subjects and provided a depth of knowledge building resources to hone in on each subject.

by Mason Browne 05/24/2021

Excellent way to learn about designing zero net-energy buildings and how to avoid construction mistakes.

by Kate Stevens, Contexts: architecture, teaching, translating 05/21/2021

Great course that teaches you how to see both the forest and the trees. It equips you with an understanding of the general building science principles and the ability to locate/interpret/use specific technical resources for real world application.

by Michael Klement, Architectural Resource, LLC 02/01/2021

This course should be a part of the core curriculum for every architectural college in America. This is foundational information that every architect should have. Marc does a masterful job of bringing together, in one well designed course, a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and wisdom, with a dash of Marc's wit and humor. For what we are up to at Architectural Resource, this course was spot on. Thank you for your contribution to our industry, Marc. Bravo!

by Jill Brigham, Engineer 12/26/2020

Zero Net Energy Buildings presents a thorough look at practical ways we can all use to make homes use less energy. This course brings together building science and modern energy efficient building systems in a step-by-step manner that will be enlightening to anyone from homeowner, architect, and home builder. Great class - highly recommended!

by Josh Jackson, Partner, TimberHomes Vermont 08/08/2016

Marc is a terrific instructor who knows his stuff and is generous in sharing it!

by Michael Schunk, Owner/Architect/CPHC, Home Energy Design Services 06/05/2016

Don't take this course! You'll become an addicted energy junky and want more, and more, and more..... seriously, its the best!

by Spencer Richland, Architectural Designer 06/03/2016

The 10 week format along with terrific information was perfect for my situation of needing flexibility and time to digest and apply this information in a real world project. Thanks for the extension to June 3 by the way, it was perfect!

by Jer Greene 06/03/2016

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in how we might make this world a better place through energy-efficient, utility-independent, residential design and construction.

by John Saveson, Energy Analyst/HERS Rater, Center for EcoTechnology 06/03/2016

A terrific class and instructor. The instructor is passionate about the material, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and a great communicator.

by I. Nate Scaglione, Sustainable Designer 06/03/2016

A wonderful, fun, and extremely informative course.

by Frank Pietrzak 06/02/2016

Excellent primer and extensive overview of NZE Homes! Instructor Marc Rosenberg openly shares his extensive knowledge of the design and construction elements for creating a successful outcome to various building challenges be it "new construction" or retrofit modifications. Be prepared to learn a lot.

by Dylan Kinsey, Owner/Builder, Kinsey Construction 06/02/2016

Marc's course greatly expanded my understanding of energy use in buildings and the potential of super insulated, low energy homes. The tools, materials, and guidance Marc offers in this course are indispensable to anyone in the trade. I highly recommend it!

by valerie White, owner, White Architects llc 06/01/2016

Marc is a wonderful teacher and communicator. If the construction industry is going to change to high performance construction, we need to make sure certain key concepts become the new norm. Marc is clearly a forerunner in creating this new path. If he had an sequel to this course, I would take it.

by Matthew Bartle, Project Manager, Hayward Design Build 11/24/2015

Marc knows his stuff. Building science is ever evolving, yet Marc describes the basics and their real world applications in great detail. Building smart means saving energy dollars down the road. Marc lives and breathes these ideas and shows simple ways to implement them in everyday construction.

by Ann McKinley, Owner, Heavenly Holdings 11/22/2015

Great class to bring you up to speed on net zero energy houses and how to build them.

by Dan Edelstein, Architect, Daniel Edelstein/Architect 11/20/2015

M.R. cuts thru the obfuscation of the Zero Net Energy Home conundrum like a finely honed hardened steel cleaver arcing thru the air and slicing thru a piece of nice warm brie, effortlessly getting to the heart of the matter.......only with a lot less mess!

by Mark Graham, Principal, Liminal Architecture 11/19/2015

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in sustainable architecture.

by James Pepitone, Construction/Energy Specialist, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven 08/06/2015

Every person, no matter what experience, degrees, or status, interested in high performance housing should take this course

by Erik Block, Owner, Erik Block Design Build 07/28/2015

My final project was never reviewed. I was disappointed in the lack of feedback on this.

by Leah K 04/14/2023

by Amanda S 04/13/2023

by John A 04/11/2022

by Saryn C 01/04/2022

by Lisa R 12/14/2021

by Beth C 12/10/2021

by Nate T 07/04/2021

by Chris R 05/31/2021

by Kevin T 05/23/2021

by Harry H 04/19/2021

by Wendy B 06/30/2016

by Lillian M 06/25/2016

by Michael N 06/14/2016

by Janus W 06/06/2016

by Elizabeth D 06/06/2016

by Rachel W 06/04/2016

by Keihly M 06/03/2016

by David P 06/03/2016

by Dean A 06/02/2016

by Rand C 06/02/2016

by Rick K 05/24/2016

by Michael B 05/20/2016

by Jonathan S 11/22/2015

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by Jay C 08/22/2015

by William S 08/10/2015

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