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by Prithviraj S 03/21/2021

by Alan Courtemanche, Sr QA inspector , Standard Solar, Inc. 02/05/2021

This course is a great introduction to the different aspects of the solar and storage industries. From development through commissioning, this touches on all of them. As a quality inspector, I have to stay in front of the curve of data, and this really helped. Thanks Chris and Chris.

by Richu K 10/22/2023

by Kristin B 05/11/2023

by David P 03/13/2023

by Jesse C 02/28/2023

by Brian V 12/12/2022

by Ken Z 11/03/2022

by Charles K 09/27/2022

by Talmath L 08/23/2022

by Paul C 03/07/2022

by John G 02/04/2022

by Dennis K 10/29/2021

by Jesus M 08/06/2021

by Evan M 06/15/2021

by Dylan M 05/10/2021

by Justin B 03/17/2021

by Christine M 11/01/2020

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