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by Asante Daniel 09/20/2023

One of the most remarkable aspects of this course was its ability to distill complex concepts into accessible and actionable information. The instructors displayed a profound understanding of the subject matter and a genuine passion for teaching. Their ability to explain intricate technical details in a clear and engaging manner made the learning experience both enjoyable and enlightening.

by Goutam R 05/07/2023

by TIM RIGGS 01/23/2023


by Anderson Deleon, Qcells 10/17/2022


by Victor Esan 06/07/2022

It has help me understand storage and how to develop storage template for people

by Tosin Olusola 05/19/2021

I sincerely enjoyed every bits of the course, and I can't wait to share the site with my colleagues.

by Ayomide Isaac Orekunrin, Engr., Inlaks Limited 03/25/2021

This gave me more understanding on both AC and DC - Coupling System

by Saul Orozco 02/18/2021

Yes, I enjoy to take this course, I Get to understand the importance of energy storage

by Tara Manick 02/14/2021

The trainer was well experienced and transferred information across simply and with confidence.

by Ayodeji Oladeji, Head, Business and Operations, CovenantPlus Engineering Ltd 10/23/2020

Awesome experience

by habiburahman qaderi 08/23/2020

As we know the residential and commercial is a bigger and most important in energy sector so we have consider more and more attention to know more.

by Ralph Hunsley, Photovoltics Instructor, RSI, The Refrigeration School 05/19/2020

I always enjoy the free courses on Heatspring! I am an instructor at a NABCEP approved school, we always love to learn new techniques and trends. These courses do wonders.

by Ganesh Kumari M 05/14/2020


by Andrew T 05/13/2020

by j taylor 05/12/2020

worth while

by ROSHAN SANAGARE 05/08/2020

Good videos ,

by Curtis McLennan 05/07/2020

Very informative, easy to follow, thanks for the worksheet

by C. SIVAPRAKASAM 04/23/2020


by Pierre Damien Uwitije 04/22/2020

Thank you for everything

by William Bates 04/21/2020


by Rachelle Magbuhos 04/21/2020

This video was very helpful and informative in understanding the basics about energy storage

by Prabhu S 04/16/2020


by Kalidass D 04/14/2020

Yes i really enjoyed and learned about residential and commercial energy storage system concept and methodology

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 04/12/2020

All must register

by Mayavel N 04/10/2020

Useful for future work

by ARAVIND T 04/10/2020

by Saravanan S 04/09/2020

This course is very much helpful for my development

by D.P. Suresh 04/09/2020

Really i enjoyed the course. surely i will elaborate to the student community

by Carol Cole-Lewis 04/08/2020

Understanding energy storage is becoming increasingly important, as customers in fire-prone areas experiencing Public Safety Power Shutdowns desire a way to make their homes more resilient. This course is a good introduction to this topic. I especially appreciated the energy consumption spreadsheet provided free of charge with this course.

by Hubert Hogan 04/08/2020

my will be connectiability

by OLUMIDE OMOGBULE 04/03/2020

Interesting and very insightful in battery storage application

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/02/2020

This course have been an elevation in knowledge as far as my career as an installer is concerned having gone through the difference between both storage systems.

by Shaun Dorman 03/30/2020

Lion is the current best technology available in remote parts of Africa with a unstable grid , In south Africa specifically we have what we call Load shedding where the grid turns off for 2-4hours daily . 5 Years ago Lead acid batteries along with a charge controller (Charging from the grid during non shedding times )this howerever is a poor metod to charge the batteries . 5 years later new tech came out like L-Ion batteries technology came out the likes of tesla/LGChem etc . These batteries require far more expensive BMS example The cheaper inverter technology does not suit L-ion and other . further videos would be appreciated with regards to BMS Compatibilities .

by David W 03/27/2020

by Shahid Ahmed 03/10/2020

Cleared many doubts about storage systems.Needs to be updated with new storage systems.

by Alvin John Blanco 03/09/2020


by Trevor Wheeler 02/28/2020

Great course, kept me glued to the screen, loads of information on different system types available.

by Ricarte Nunez 02/25/2020

The contents are great starting with introduction and the client qualification if the latter needs a battery for its PV system. The spreadsheet was a great tool in the calculation of Watt-Hours used per day which is essential in the calculation of the capacity of the PV system. Students may appreciate the topics presented for about an hour of listening to the lecturer.

by Bruce Woods, Electrical Engineer, EIS 02/25/2020

No having much experience with Solar battery I found this to have been a very informative webinar giving a very broad understanding thanks

by Scott S 02/14/2020

by Austin Bobmanuel 02/04/2020

Very informative and I improved my level of knowledge on t he areas touched upon. Recommended

by IFEANYI IKEDINICHI, Mr 01/21/2020

Very educative

by Gajalakshmi Balachandran 01/03/2020


by Monday Babah 11/26/2019

Excellent Course to share knowledge.

by Stivy DSP 10/29/2019

The whole course was alright, I learn a lot about effective way of using a battery system and different types of batteries that can be used with cost implication

by alfredo palattao, engineer, commonwealth utilities corporation 05/03/2019

This free online course about batteries is a must for people who would like to use battery storage.

by Edgardo Jr. B 09/14/2023

by Paul S 09/14/2023

by LUIS C 09/10/2023

by Eslam A 08/31/2023

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